Suspended in mid air….

On my way back from a little mooch about. Earlier I decided to be trapped in a glass capsule 300 feet above the River Thames.

No, I’m not going turning into David Blaine, but it was a pleasant trip on the Emirates AirLine, which is a cable car that takes eight minutes to cross the Thames from the Docklands to the O2 centre. 

After I told you about my experiences on aircraft the other day, why am I doing this you may well ask. Well, the trip takes eight minutes and it’s 36,700 feet less in the air than a commercial airliner. Plus the fact the cable car travels at walking pace, then it is totally different. I’ve made the trip several times and on a pleasant day such as today, I thought why not do it again? 

Spot of lunch the other side of the river then a walk around the local shopping mall does me fine. All the fogginess and fuzziness has gone. It’s a nice day. All is good with the world.

Walking past one of the main stores, I couldn’t help but notice that the store is doing a bra fit for women. A closer inspection of the advertisement saw the bra fit closed through lack of support….you pays your money, you takes your choice. This blog does include a lot of rubbish jokes that are well past their sell by date, like that one. Well it keeps me occupied. 

For now, adios amigos

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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