Called to the bar…..

Only when I’m buying a round or…..rare as that is…helping out as a volunteer at a tea bar in a place that is staffed by mental health professionals.

The place used to be a mental hospital, but it’s decaying and showing its age so there are other buildings located around for inpatients who have mental health problems. A tea bar exists, three days a week, and it’s far cheaper and friendlier than the main hospital across the road.

Service with a smile! Yep, there are two staff that operate it as there is a steady, but not cumbersome, flow of custom. I take the orders and the cash, and my colleague makes the orders, be it sandwiches, rolls, toast, tea etc etc. The three hours passed very quickly today, it’s extremely enjoyable, and the volunteers would far rather be doing something useful than sitting at home watching rubbish daytime TV. It’s fun, and if it’s fun, I’ll gladly partake.

Again this morning, I wasn’t completely with it, didn’t sleep great either, but once I was out in the fresh air, things got better, bar the journey, which takes 90 minutes and three buses. Still, a bit of inconvenience is tolerable when the activity is fun. But don’t get me to make a sandwich. 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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