Woken up by Doris….

Who’s Doris? Is it my new romantic interest? No, what Doris is the fourth named UK storm of the winter season. Gale force winds and driving rain greet me this morning as I attempt to get to my destination. It’s absolutely foul out here, but like most intrepid people, I’m pale but determined to get there. 

Incidentally, that must be a nice job, naming storms. Quite simple apparently, it’s all done in alphabetical order. We’ve arrived at D for Doris today. 

Where am I off to? On a Thursday, I help facilitate a mental health peer support group. It’s been running weekly for 18 months now. We have a regular group of attendees and we just have a natter, try to laugh with each other and give each other support. It’s a source of great joy and comfort each Thursday. Absolutely love going to it, despite the weather and the crap public transport. Seeing the regulars makes the journey that bit more bearable. 


Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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