What does Schadenfreude mean? It means revelling in other people’s misfortunes. I’m not like that though, but I’m sure some have revelled in some of my ill luck. 

The Oscars ceremony last night proved what Schadenfreude means. The other week I had to address a small gathering of people at a cricket dinner. I had to say “Grace” and immediately forgot the words. My evening went downhill from there.
Last night, the actress Faye Dunaway was announcing the winner of the Best Motion Picture. She was incorrectly handed the previous winners envelope, revealing that La La Land was the winner. We then had the amusing sight of the winners making their acceptance speech, only to be told that they weren’t the winners. Moonlight were the real winners. Embarrassing! Especially at the worldwide jamboree that is the Oscars ceremony. 

So my faux pas the other week hardly registers when you consider the embarrassment of the wrong winner being announced in front of a massive television audience. That is a real faux pas. So I do make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But in the glitz and glam world of celebrity, nobody will allow the Oscars organisers to forget. 

But even so La La Land were announced as the winners. In life’s rich tapestry, I cannot even make it to the winners circle, so to do so by mistake would be the final folly for me. Schadenfreude! 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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