The Queen is not in….

Tried a quiz night in the local area tonight, with my friend, who had made sure I was fed and watered earlier. Very nice too.

Well, with just the two of us at the quiz, the odds on winning were decidedly long. Most of the rounds were disasters, until the last one, a chance to redeem ourselves with the Double or Quits round. If you got a question wrong, all the points from that round were lost. As we were so far behind, we needed a telescope to see the other teams, so it was right to take a gamble. 

And so we took a gamble on the reigning monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Her Majesty the Queen. The pair of us had to decide, when the Union Flag is flying above Buckingham Palace, is the Queen at home or not? 

Well, we decided she was at home, probably watching the racing or something. Wrong. The Union Flag flying indicates she is out. Probably at Royal Ascot. So we lost our hard earned points for the final round. Off to the tower for the pair of us. 

Well it was crucial, as the next placed team was 28 points ahead of us and the winners 54 points. So it was close, as you can imagine. Now, it’s time for some Royal jokes at my friend’s expense next time I see her. 

It was a laugh though. Nice atmosphere and good to get out the flat, stop being miserable and sit in a pub and enjoy myself. Which I did. 

So, my loyal subjects, I bid you good night

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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