From a cold, grey morning, not feeling at my best, to a sunny, mild afternoon where my disposition has altered somewhat. 

We had our Peer Support group, and ten turned up. A lot more serious today, though we did have our lighter moments. The one thing to come out of the group is how unpleasant and nasty, certain people can be towards others who are not matching to their so called standards. We like compartmentalising people these days, usually unfairly. 

The title of this post is Opportunity. On the way home, the sun was out, the warmth coming through the windows of the bus. It’s that time of year for opportunity, to look forward, to try and enjoy what life has to throw at me, if I can.

So I started off the day, flat and slightly disinterested, now I’m a little more hopeful that things will pick up again. The sun poking through the clouds lighting up new horizons, I hope. But I will wait and see. Never assume, never think that life is mapped out in a certain way. I shall take things on a day to day basis, and if something good happens, so be it. 

Look forward

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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