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Hi folks. Things are a little different today. I feel just a little bit better than the previous four or five days. Why? I don’t know any particular reason, except to say that I have spells like this, and have done on a regular basis, for the last 8/9 years.

Autism again? Maybe. Like most people with a mental health disorder, I have ups and downs. The downs can be quite painful and cause me to isolate myself. This I have done over the last four or five days. Shut myself away. Don’t want to talk to anyone really. I become morose and irritable. 

Well, today, it’s a slightly different story. The sun is out, it’s a nice spring day outside and I’m thinking of ending my self imposed exile with a trip to the pub later, for a meal and a quiz. My brain was stuck yesterday, today it’s not so stuck and needs some challenging with a few quiz questions. And some vodka and tonic. 

It’s about recognising what is wrong sometimes. I go into this self analysis, the defence mechanism of isolation kicks in and life seems to be very difficult, a little bit like yesterday. Tough day. But I did sleep well last night and that helps the mood. Just seem a bit more positive and forward thinking today, rather than stuck in neutral gear. 

So, while the positivity is here, I’m off to get changed and ready to have a good evening out. On my own, of course. But it’s all about mindset. And the mindset is good today. 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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