Losing but winning!

Well that was an experience. Interesting night. Started off sitting in massive traffic jams due to a local road accident. Eventually made it to the pub. 

Ordered myself a vodka and tonic and a very delicious hot dog with all the trimmings. That satiated my thirst and hunger and I was ready for the quiz. In pubs, you do sometimes get somebody wanting to make an arse of themselves. In walked a bearded Dutch bloke, either drunk or on drugs or both. He proceeded to talk in a very loud voice, but steered clear of talking to me. I think he might have understood “Go away” or something similar. The barman had enough of his idiotic behaviour and ordered him out. Full marks to the barman. The barred bloke was a pain in the backside.

So the quiz started, and I didn’t do too badly, considering I was on my lonesome. Finished last of four teams, but with a creditable 80 points. Quite satisfied with that.

Finally, we had to play a game of Higher or Lower based on the TV game show Play Your Cards Right. Winner gets a bottle of house wine. The chap who was in competition with me nearly made it all the way to the end of the nine card sequence, but fell with two cards left to reveal. I quickly stepped in, mopped up and left with a nice bottle of red wine! Result. 

Lovely pub, despite the idiot earlier. Great music and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. If only there were a few more teams taking part in the quiz, but it probably needs a bit of advertising to get more punters in. Enjoyed myself though, and the journey home was considerably shorter than the outward one. So I’m safely tucked up in bed, as I have an early appointment tomorrow morning. 

I wish you good night

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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