Tea or Coffee? Toastie or Sandwich?


 These and so many other questions to be asked as I did some volunteering today at a tea bar based in a former mental hospital. Again, making a journey out of my area at rush hour is not something to fill the heart with joy, but it gets me out of the flat and out of mischief! 

Usually, me and my colleague (who prepares the food) can stop and have a break and a conversation. Today, we had a steady stream of people, mainly staff, who take advantage of our cheaper prices and freshly made food. No time to rest today, as there was usually three or four orders waiting to be prepared. Despite the laborious journey, I enjoy working with my colleague and the three hours went very quickly. 

The building itself is showing signs of decay, and the corridors are redolent of ghosts past. Certainly a place I wouldn’t walk through during the hours of darkness! The only complaint I have is the poor transport links with someone who lives 10 miles away, as the crow flies. 

Nice to keep busy and good to keep the brain active, reckoning up prices, taking the orders and the money. I don’t look as good in an apron as my colleague does though. She has the beauty and the brains, me the brains…..! 

After my little dip, I’m getting there again. Brain in second/third gear today. Not reverse or neutral! 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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