Transport delays….

Had to make an about turn this morning as the train I usually take to get to the office was well….er…cancelled. So I went a different way and still arrived early. Just as a side note, autism plays a part. The routine has been disrupted, and I have to make other arrangements. Something I don’t like doing, but it all worked out well in the end. I was in a reasonable mood after a good sleep, and was able to deal with the afore mentioned difficulties.

On the way back, the driver of the train announced there were delays on several London Underground lines….think it would have been easier to tell us what lines were running, but maybe that’s my obtuse sense of humour coming into play. At the same time, I was dealing with a spam email from somebody I’ve never heard of, mainly to do with trying to obtain money fraudulently. The final sentence of the grovelling email was “I await your considered response”. I was tempted to reply “You’ll have a bloody long wait”, before thinking better of it and dumping the email in the trash can. There are some chancers out there. 

I digress…..

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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