Woke up this morning to a blue sky day. Cold, but bright. Ready to do some volunteering at the cafe again. As so often happens, things start to go wrong when I walk out of the door.

Got on the bus, fine. Arrived at the station to find scores of people milling round, looking for the nearest bus. No trains. At all. But I do have some contingency plans. 

I should have checked before I left. That would have saved me sitting on a bus for 40 minutes that hardly moved. I had the joy of a mother and her two kids sitting next to me with the kids favourite question “Why?” followed by “Are we there yet?” on a fairly regular basis.

The one benefit of the utter chaos was that everybody piled on to the bus, meaning it was racing past the stops, leaving people to wonder when the next one was. I made up a little bit of time, and my connecting bus was due. Result. I shall still probably be early in my arrival, and it does pay to leave home early in case everything goes pear shaped. But a slap on the wrist for not checking. 

If it was a rainy, miserable day, I may have turned round and gone home. As it’s very nice out here, my mood was ok to start with. Despite the problems, the mood is still ok, just about. 

London being the city it is, if you break one of the links in the transport chain, the whole chain collapses. Being of a geographical mind, I do know my way out of trouble if this happens, case in point being this morning. 

Making good progress now, so slow and steady will win the race eventually.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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