Shuffling the pack….

It’s been that sort of day. Lots of reorganisation and mental pack shuffling, if you can have such a thing.

Well there were the trains not running and then reorganising my journey. After a fashion, that worked. I’m fairly impatient with traffic and delays but I managed to cope with the upset to the schedule, just. Just a note to say that a trait of autism is having a routine and woe betide anything that upsets it! 

The volunteering at the cafe was good, enjoyed working with my colleague. We weren’t that busy, so it was a relaxing and enjoyable three hours. We took a reasonable amount of money too, so all good.

The next disruption to the schedule was on the way home. It’s Peer Support on Thursday morning and I was hoping to facilitate. Something has cropped up on Thursday morning, and I have had to cancel. The worry was then finding a facilitator and a second in command to step in. Fortunately, I managed to reorganise my schedule on Thursday and the Peer Support group will be going ahead as normal and my colleagues have stepped in. Was a bit worried that things could have gone wrong. My colleagues have dug me out of trouble, so many thanks to them.

So disruption to routine. If everything is good, I’m good. If the routine is disrupted, I’m not best pleased. But it’s been sorted, so I’m back to being pleased again. Keeps me on my toes at any rate.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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