Helping Others….

Is something I love and enjoy doing. After the technological breakdown earlier on, I made it to a local fair for local services and organisations that deal with mental health. Together with my colleague, we presented our company’s wares.

It was a very productive two hours. We had three people expressing a possible interest in joining our Thursday Peer Support group. I take the view that if one person benefits from the advertising of the services available, then we’ve done our job. Three is a real bonus. Had a good chat with the great and good of our local area, and hopefully we’ve done some good for those, like myself, with a mental health diagnosis. 

A local counsellor spoke to us, who had a very striking resemblance to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. I resisted the temptation to talk about politics though, it was more a time to help others. 

Had a spot of lunch and have just got caught in a heavy downpour of rain, so a bit bedraggled but happy with a good morning’s work. Helping others to help themselves. I should have worked in advertising! Ha ha! Actually, I’m pretty rubbish at selling stuff, so it was an improvement to get some people on board. Empowering others is worth more than anything I’ve ever done, job wise. 

Laters all

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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