Washday blues or the daily grind?

Morning. Some start to the day. Decided to put some washing on before I went out this morning and technology decides to let me down. 

I was just sitting there, drinking my cuppa when I heard a terrible mashing and grinding noise. I thought “What the hell’s that?”. Can only be the washing machine. 

The drum had completely busted and the washing wasn’t turning in the machine. It’s a good job I spotted it otherwise there could have been further problems. I had to wait till the machine reset itself before I could take the very damp washing out of the offending article. 

Some context here. I’ve had the machine for six years and this is the first time something major has happened to it, so I can’t complain really. The noise was terrible! It’s all under guarantee so I don’t have to pay a packet to get it fixed. Rang the makers up and the engineer is on the way Friday. Some start to the day. On my way to do a spot of mental health volunteering, and thankfully, no transport problems. At least that’s something anyway. 

Modern technology eh?

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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