Chinese Whispers…

Anyone remember playing that game at school? A person receives a message and passes it on to the next person and so on until the last person receives it. What usually happens is that the end message bears no resemblance to the one originally sent.

And so we come to the London terror atrocity yesterday. UK TV channel, Channel Four, proving in this modern world that lies and misinformation goes a long way. The main crux of the problem is that a Channel Four News reporter took a source at face value. The source said the attacker, Abu Izzadeen or Trevor Brooks was behind the atrocity. There was one main problem with that. Mr Brooks/Mr Izzadeen is currently serving a two year jail sentence for hate preaching in the UK. So there’s no way he could have perpretrated the crime. Cue gnashing of teeth and egg on faces at Channel Four News. 

That folks, is modern news reporting in a nutshell. It’s good to know that hearsay, rumour, supposition and speculation are rife in the modern world. Don’t worry about facts, just watch TV channels and read newspapers. Chinese Whispers is now played by news editors around the world. We don’t know who committed the senseless act of barbarism yesterday. But that doesn’t stop the misinformation factory from going into meltdown. 

No fake news though, on!!

Allen Brooks


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1 thought on “Chinese Whispers…”

  1. The problem is we all want news 24/7. In the past when there would be one newspaper edition a day they had time to properly research, now it’s updated every second/

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