Magical Mystery Tour…

As I said, it’s been a strange week. And the journey home from the pub last night was no different. 

I get the regular bus home and I know the way like the back of my hand. I was checking my phone, as you do, when I looked up to see the driver has gone the wrong way. Instead of turning right down a side road and back into another main road, he’s just carried on. 

A couple of passengers alerted him to this fact, and I wondered what the driver’s next move would be. He then asked for directions! A driver that has been trained on the route asking for directions. Well, I’ve seen it all now.

He got to the end of the road, did a u turn in the middle of the main road and headed back whence he came. Embarrassing. A couple of passengers wanted to get off at the next correct stop, and was alerted to this fact, but again, the driver nearly overshot the stop. I’d love to know what mystery tours the bus company were doing. I had to laugh, as it was another episode in a bizarre week. 

I hope I don’t get the same driver again. Could end up in the middle of Essex somewhere. Sat nav required!

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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