It all comes out in the wash…..

Evening. All fixed. The washing machine which packed up on me last week has been repaired very well indeed. No botch job, they tested it out and it’s absolutely fine.

Whacking great part they had to bring in though. The machine drum and the casing needed two men to get it up the stairs. Typically, the engineers gave me a six hour window from noon till six for the repair to take place; frustratingly, it’s been a very nice day again today and I’ve been stuck indoors waiting for the engineers. Still, it’s done and I’m happy. I’m also very happy I took out a warranty on the machine, otherwise some hefty repair bills could have been on the way to me.

They showed me the broken drum, where repeated washing allied to the use of washing powder had caused some corrosion and breakage. Ah well, it’s worked fine for six years, so can’t complain. Back to the chore of washing!

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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