Armageddon out of here….

Had a strange dream the other night. I dreamt I was in an office full of people. We had the TV screens on, probably showing some kind of daytime television dross. The people were talking amicably.

Then, on the screens, came a message. “THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END, PLEASE SEEK SHELTER”. Everybody stopped what they were doing, and predictably, started screaming and running in all directions.

I was given a clipboard and a pen and was told to tick everyone off a list, probably to account for them before Armageddon struck. I was walking round asking people their name before ticking them off. Odd thing to do as the end of days was approaching fast. 

Then….well I don’t know…apart from waking up. My mind can dream of strange things, this was no different. Don’t know why I was dreaming of apocalypse as my life is ok at present. Hoping it’s not a portent of the future???

We shall see

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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