If Peer Support were a film….

Then it would be this. We had seven fabulous people at the group this morning, and it went extremely well, with lots of good positivity and endless scope for future opportunities. 

The one negative aspect of the group is the lack of men there. Men are very averse to admitting their problems so consequently, we don’t get that many blokes through our doors. But today, we outnumbered the women 4-3, a point I stressed quite strongly. One thing does shine through though, is the broad range of backgrounds that the group has. We all have a range of skills and abilities that can be shared without any of us being seen to preach. It’s a formula that works extremely well.

I’m just off out to the coast to enjoy what has turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. I’ve got nothing to get home for, so why not enjoy the great outdoors and get out of London for a while. So far, an excellent day.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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