What’s been happening??

Hello folks. Just checking in to give you a report on what’s been happening with me recently.

It’s all been very good, I feel ok, the weather has turned from spring to winter here in the UK, confirming the fact that we are an island stuck in the Atlantic and prey to whatever gets thrown at us. Time to get the big coat back on and the central heating powered up!

Cricket? Not too bad. I officiated in a game last Saturday and that was a very nice day, only spoiled by an attempted theft from both me and my colleague. Luckily I managed to take my valuables out on the field with me and not leave them for any waifs and strays to come and take. As it turned out, that piece of foresight was to come in handy as I was informed of the theft. Sadly in this world, there will always be opportunists, but prevention is better than cure.

Today, I paid a visit to the opticians as my near vision is becoming somewhat defective. I’m having to take my glasses off to read text that is close to me, which is annoying as I wear glasses all the time. 

The optician reassured me(!) that the deterioration in the eyesight is due to the ageing process, being nearly 45 years of age, I suppose it’s time that some of my faculties started to act up! So I’m going to opt for verifocal lenses, which allow me to read text close up and also allow me to do distance work, like my umpiring for example. I’m stuck with the issue now and I have to deal with it. But noticing the change has forced me to act, to make life a little easier. At least I won’t be bumping into lampposts anymore!

So that’s basically it at the moment. Life isn’t too bad, I’ve managed to get my sleep back on track after a little hiccup last week, and I’m just plodding on, but feeling good within myself. Looking to make sure that continues.

That’s all folks

Allen Brooks


On the market….

My cricket club don’t require my services this weekend, so I’ve been looking around the local clubs for a game to umpire.

I’ve had a few offers, I’ve had to turn down a couple because of logistical issues, for instance, too far away as I don’t have my own transport any more. But one thing has gratified me, that I still have contacts within the local area who keep me in mind when there’s any vacancies.

It’s good to get practice in, like the players, and I’d rather be doing something  than not at all. Four games into the new season and the fire is still burning, I just want to get out there and prove my worth to people. It’s a bit like a practical job interview, if you like. 

And, a decent night’s sleep last night has made me feel a lot different to yesterday. I’m ready for action tomorrow!

Allen Brooks

In the news….

The above link relates to Prince William revealing his distress over his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales’s death back in 1997. Along with Prince Harry, the two princes have been getting together for a mental health charity to get people to reveal their inner troubles, never an easy task.

The bottom line of what Prince Harry was saying is that keeping a “stiff upper lip”, in the British tradition, can be counter productive. By revealing the torments and troubles of living with a mental illness, people can help deal with those problems. A listening ear and plenty of empathy from others can also help too.

Give the article a browse. Very interesting stuff.

Allen Brooks

Drifting along….

Hello folks. I’ve not put many posts on the site as there’s been precious little going on this week. You could say I’ve been drifting along….

As a consequence, my sleep has become disjointed and interrupted, causing me to feel rather flat and disinterested for most of the time this week. With nothing much going on, I’ve been waking up a lot later than normal. 

So, for the first time in a while, I didn’t attend the Peer Support group on a Thursday morning. Probably just as well I didn’t show up, wouldn’t have had much to tell anyone about my week, uninteresting as it sounds. 

I managed to put in an appearance at the music bingo night at the pub. And, I managed to win, once again! That was after I thought I had the full house in the first game. I was wrong, to a cacophony of booing from the rest of the pub. Nice! So I got my revenge in game two. And my work colleague shared the £50 prize, along with one other person. Not bad for a £3 investment, £17!

Our other work colleague joined us for the night, and she made her mark by sending her drink flying across the table, soaking the other participants and the other bingo cards. I was sitting at the other end, so missed the carnage, but very amusing all the same.

The atmosphere there last night was tremendous, especially with a £100 jackpot in the last game. The tickets went like hot cakes, and the communal singing and general camaraderie gave me a lift. I also managed to sleep a lot better last night and I was awake earlier too. I’m like the train that goes off the rails occasionally. Sometimes something good happens to return me to the tracks. 

Allen Brooks

Singing, Drinking and Eating….Sunday’s goings on

Hi there. Not a bad day at all on Easter Sunday. First of all, I went to that pub I sometimes frequent, just for a few drinks and to listen to a guy singing some swing time hits from years ago. He was very good indeed, and the atmosphere in the pub was good. Enjoyable.

Then it was off to see one of my Peer Support colleagues for some dinner. Lovely roast lamb with all the trimmings, washed down with some very nice red wine. There was a good gathering and we all had a good chat about various subjects. Again, enjoyable.

By 10 pm though, it was time to get home to bed, and I had had a few drinks too. Felt a bit wobbly as I walked to the bus station, but got home ok. A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday. Very nice, relaxing and chilled out. Just how I like it.

That roast lamb was nice though….

Allen Brooks

Feet up… and relax

Another day of umpiring complete. Sun was out today which made things seem nicer than the grey dankness of yesterday. 

Again, no problems whatsoever, even though I was a little busier than on previous games. I won’t go into why as most of the followers won’t have a clue as to what I’m prattling on about, suffice it to say I had a bit more to do. 

And after in the bar, a good chat with a few of the players and very good cordiality and good fellowship which is synonymous, in my view, with the great game of cricket. I was alluding to the fact that when everything collapsed in my world seven years ago, some of the lads I know were incredibly supportive and kind and kept my spirits up, something for which I’m eternally grateful and appreciative. Be nice to others and all that.

No cricket for me tomorrow or Easter Monday, so a bit of relaxation. Seeing a work colleague tomorrow for some Sunday dinner and a chat. So all good in my world, for a change!

Peace and love 

Allen Brooks

It’s an ill wind….

Good evening. Well it’s the start of the long Easter weekend today and I’ve been out umpiring a game of cricket.

Compared to last week’s warmth and sunshine, today was grey, dark and cold with a keen nor’wester blowing into my face for the whole game. Not pleasant, but the game was ok, no problems once again, and another game safely negotiated.

It did take me a while to get into the game and to lift my concentration, which seemed to be a bit lacking in the early stages. After a few mental kicks in the backside, I got myself back on track and the rest of the game was no trouble. 

Glad to be back indoors, in the warm, drinking a nice hot cup of tea. Got to brave all sorts of weather conditions being a cricket umpire, so it was a shock after last week. Manageable though.

Peace and love 

Allen Brooks