Old dog and new tricks….

Afternoon everyone. Another nice day in the company of my fellow umpires at a county wide development meeting.

Let me explain further. Each day, two of our former county umpires, one of whom is a current first class umpire, and the other a former first class umpire, gave us the benefit of their vast experience to pass on tips to the current crop of new umpires, and some old soaks like me!

I won’t give the names of the two gentlemen who performed the tutorial, but they both gave me glowing assessments when I was making my way up the umpiring ladder some 15/20 years ago. They have remained very good colleagues and acquaintances, and their experiences are passed on with humour and lashings of insight into how it is at the top level, especially with the all seeing eye of TV intruding on the decision making process. 

Great fun, meeting up with lots of old faces, and then we had our Annual General Meeting. That was done in record time and I was appointed Deputy Secretary! A grandiose title for something as plain as a straightforward minute taker. Still, it keeps the brain ticking over, which is always welcome.

Nice bit of lunch to go with it, so a good morning and lots of fun too. Looking forward to the new outdoor season.

Peace and love 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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