Close…but no cigar

Another very entertaining evening playing music bingo at my local. I didn’t win, but it’s a game of chance and someone’s luck was in this week. I was close to winning on one game, but that was about it.

There was the usual communal singalong, especially to Save Your Kisses For Me by The Brotherhood of Man. That got a real pasting by the regulars. And we had a game where four players shared the top prize. It excited one of the players so much, she fell off the bar stool, thankfully uninjured. I reminded her that the Grand National is on Saturday…

There’s just a great sense of belonging, of community spirit, and of sheer enjoyment. It’s something which I really look forward to going to each fortnight, and if it improves my well being, then so be it. Fab. And the vodka and tonics go down very well indeed, with ice and a slice thanks. 

Not sure about the bus driver coming back. He was about to roar past the stop, ignoring my outstretched arm, until finally he saw it and stopped. I was wearing a white hoodie, so I don’t know how he nearly missed me. In fact he nearly ran me down!

And then he swung around the corners like a Grand Prix racing driver. My insurance premiums are up to date. I wasn’t worried…..much.

Top, top night. Just love it!

Night all

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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