Back on the road….

Hi all. First of all, an apology for the slightly morbid nature of my post yesterday where I basically thought that the end of days were round the corner. We, in fact, never know what’s round the corner and trying to predict so is a dangerous business.

Onto today. It was my first outdoor game of cricket umpiring since July last year. We couldn’t have had a better day weather wise, fantastically warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind. Perfect conditions. 

It was also my first visit back to my cricket club since that time. For reasons that are best known to me, I’ve stayed away. Ridiculous really, when I get on with most people up there. It’s just that anxiety can rule my life, with detrimental effects.

Today, not so. I didn’t even get remotely anxious. Not a bit. The game went swimmingly, I gave some decisions to get my eye in, and I just simply enjoyed the day. I was bantering with the players and relishing being back in action.

To be honest, I haven’t felt as good and relaxed as I felt today, in a very long time. It was as though I was coming home and enjoying being with people that (hopefully) like and respect what I do. I’ve only just got back home, been busy chatting and the time flies.

I would like to thank the players and people at the club today for welcoming me back into the fray. It meant an awful lot and I hope to repay that welcome by keeping relaxed and stress free for the whole of the 2017 season. I know that I can still do a good job as umpire and contribute my skills to the game of cricket. I hope that’s not being too big headed to say that. 

Felt a bit achy and tired towards the end, but nothing a refreshing glass of something cool wouldn’t put right. And then I discovered I did well on my horse racing bets too, including the Grand National. So, a really fab day, and yesterday seems a distant memory now, with all sorts of stupid thoughts about things that will probably never happen. 

Off to bed, looking forward to a long sleep.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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