Respect and kind words…

Weekend over. Another day of cricket umpiring on a wonderful summer like day. Extremely enjoyable and quite easy really. It isn’t always so, though.

But a couple of things have come out of the weekend. Respect. I like to think that the last 30 years has seen respect be a two way street for me in cricket circles. I think that if respect to the game and it’s participants is shown, then you will get respect back. The last two days have been simply excellent in that regard. No problems at all with the players. Very well behaved and respectful at all times. I believe that if you also show you are enjoying the game, the players will respond too.

Also a lot of players and club members have paid me some nice compliments and have warmly welcomed me back. I just felt so comfortable and in control of my emotions, as well as the game. On both days I was partnered by some excellent colleagues who also enjoy what they do. 

Couldn’t get better weather either. Fantastic. All that is required tonight is a hot bath to ease my aching bones and then sleep. The stuff of sweet dreams.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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