Corridor of uncertainty….

This is one of the corridors leading to where I do my volunteering at the cafe. Nothing special on the surface, but this used to be a mental hospital. Fortunately, I attend the cafe during the day. At night, I wonder what would be the goings on? Ghosts of former patients….ghosts of former workers(?), ghosts of problems of the past.

The bare walls tell their own story. Very spooky place. Luckily I don’t see poltergeists, ghosts and ghouls. Just don’t attend of a night or the 31st October. You might even see me. Now that is a scary thought.

Today, I’m not so bad. Good session, and we were three handed today. Not bad at all. Now on my way back on the train, being serenaded by some teenage girls who think they should be on X Factor. Could do with some peace and quiet, not a singing competition. 

Anyway, catch you later

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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