Drifting along….

Hello folks. I’ve not put many posts on the site as there’s been precious little going on this week. You could say I’ve been drifting along….

As a consequence, my sleep has become disjointed and interrupted, causing me to feel rather flat and disinterested for most of the time this week. With nothing much going on, I’ve been waking up a lot later than normal. 

So, for the first time in a while, I didn’t attend the Peer Support group on a Thursday morning. Probably just as well I didn’t show up, wouldn’t have had much to tell anyone about my week, uninteresting as it sounds. 

I managed to put in an appearance at the music bingo night at the pub. And, I managed to win, once again! That was after I thought I had the full house in the first game. I was wrong, to a cacophony of booing from the rest of the pub. Nice! So I got my revenge in game two. And my work colleague shared the £50 prize, along with one other person. Not bad for a £3 investment, £17!

Our other work colleague joined us for the night, and she made her mark by sending her drink flying across the table, soaking the other participants and the other bingo cards. I was sitting at the other end, so missed the carnage, but very amusing all the same.

The atmosphere there last night was tremendous, especially with a £100 jackpot in the last game. The tickets went like hot cakes, and the communal singing and general camaraderie gave me a lift. I also managed to sleep a lot better last night and I was awake earlier too. I’m like the train that goes off the rails occasionally. Sometimes something good happens to return me to the tracks. 

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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