What’s been happening??

Hello folks. Just checking in to give you a report on what’s been happening with me recently.

It’s all been very good, I feel ok, the weather has turned from spring to winter here in the UK, confirming the fact that we are an island stuck in the Atlantic and prey to whatever gets thrown at us. Time to get the big coat back on and the central heating powered up!

Cricket? Not too bad. I officiated in a game last Saturday and that was a very nice day, only spoiled by an attempted theft from both me and my colleague. Luckily I managed to take my valuables out on the field with me and not leave them for any waifs and strays to come and take. As it turned out, that piece of foresight was to come in handy as I was informed of the theft. Sadly in this world, there will always be opportunists, but prevention is better than cure.

Today, I paid a visit to the opticians as my near vision is becoming somewhat defective. I’m having to take my glasses off to read text that is close to me, which is annoying as I wear glasses all the time. 

The optician reassured me(!) that the deterioration in the eyesight is due to the ageing process, being nearly 45 years of age, I suppose it’s time that some of my faculties started to act up! So I’m going to opt for verifocal lenses, which allow me to read text close up and also allow me to do distance work, like my umpiring for example. I’m stuck with the issue now and I have to deal with it. But noticing the change has forced me to act, to make life a little easier. At least I won’t be bumping into lampposts anymore!

So that’s basically it at the moment. Life isn’t too bad, I’ve managed to get my sleep back on track after a little hiccup last week, and I’m just plodding on, but feeling good within myself. Looking to make sure that continues.

That’s all folks

Allen Brooks


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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