Well, what can one say?

As they say, follow that! Follow what you may ask? The fortnightly music bingo night at the local pub, that’s what. Riotous, raucous, friendly, tremendous fun, and liable to make someone quite rich…

I did win, the no small matter of a shot from behind the bar. It was something quite foul tasting, but I managed to down it in between my vodka and tonics. My colleague from work joined me, and we always have a right laugh. 

It came down to the final game of the night, with a jackpot of £100, no less. My colleague had two songs to mark off, when, with an actors sense of timing, she decided to go to the toilet! I was left to mark off her card as I was nowhere near winning. What a responsibility! While she was still performing her oblutions, the song Baggy Trousers by Madness was played. I shouted “House!” to the inevitable good natured cat calling (at least I think it was good natured), and wandered up to the host.

Still no sign of my colleague, and the audience didn’t realise I was claiming for someone else. The good news was….just as she appeared, the announcement was made that she was a £100 richer! Wonderful news. She grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat. And the smile never left until we went home. Fantastic stuff, in fact I was more pleased for her than she was! 

Fun? You don’t know the half of it. I used to attend a quiz on a Thursday that doesn’t even compare to this. The atmosphere, the host, the pub itself, the singalongs, the laughter, the friendship. All just a 35 minute bus ride away. 

I shall sleep well, but my colleague is on such a high, she won’t sleep. But what a day. And with Madness providing a fitting ending, there I will leave it. 

I bid you good night 

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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