Mental Health Awareness Week…

From today, the 8th until the 15th of May, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. There a load of events going on to promote more awareness of the scourge that faces us all in this modern world.

For example, just chatting with my two former work colleagues over a coffee this morning, is the subject of mental health relating to the sexes. What is the difference between men and women when it comes to dealing with mental health?

Mainly, men are very reluctant to come forward and share their troubles with each other or with health professionals. Men don’t like to admit their failings, we think it’s a weakness, to cry or show emotion in public. 

Women on the other hand, have very broad shoulders and talk to each other very openly about their problems and carry on with their world as though nothing has happened. Women also will go to the doctors to discuss their issues; men need dragging out of the front door to do so.

So what needs to be done to redress the balance? By talking, by educating, by being open and honest about the problems, whatever they may be. Then it will be acceptable for men to show emotion and to cry, rather than be scorned for doing so. It’s an evolutionary problem that needs to be addressed in the 21st century.

This week, I’m partaking in a few events, presentations and the like, to help promote awareness of mental health. Like with my diagnosis of autism, I’m ready to meet the challenge. To help others overcome their fears and to face the world. It isn’t easy, far from it, but with each of us doing our bit to help each other, the world doesn’t seem such a bad place. 

Looking forward to an enlightening week.

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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