Speed Mating….or just a 7 minute natter!

Last night, I helped in my local pub’s event for Mental Health Awareness Week. It was called Speed Mating, though I preferred to call it a 7 minute natter.

Myself and several of the pub’s regulars took it in turns to chat to strategically placed facilitators about anything at all, the weather, sport, holidays, etc etc. The landlady of the pub made sure it ran smoothly, and by the end, friendships were formed over several more drinks (with ice, thanks). Excellent idea, and it’s round two this afternoon, that’s if my voice lasts the distance. 

I love events such as these as they promote well being and recovery in mental health, just leaving the sanctuary of your own home to chat to people in a comfortable environment being the right antidote to how one is feeling. I hope that these events can be promoted on a more regular basis. It was nice to be asked and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Mine’s a vodka and tonic!

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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