Curry favours….

Last night my local cricket club held a curry night. A local Indian restaurant provided us with some superb food, provided that each of us paid £15. Some of that £15 went towards club funds, but the main reason for the evening was to get most people together and socialising.

It was one very funny evening. One could say riotous, in the nicest possible way. I met up with some blokes I used to umpire and their mickey taking antics had my sides aching. Great to see the club coming together and enjoying themselves in the best tradition. Many were still there after I left.

One player commented to me that it was nice to see myself in good spirits. Well, I’m very flattered by the kind words, but he is right. I am in good spirits at the moment, and having the right kind of people around me certainly helps. More nights like that definitely makes a big difference. 

Haven’t umpired any matches all weekend, taking a break as I’ve done ten matches so far. Returning to action next week so looking forward to that. 

Onwards and upwards

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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