Oh do shut up Allen!

At this meeting, I advertised what I do for my particular company, namely presentations and the Peer Support group. A lady from another company joined us and was very keen to tap into the knowledge and experience gained. I just went into overdrive and extolled the virtues of the stuff we do, it was hard to shut me up! Sometimes it’s hard to get me to talk in social situations, so that’s a sign of my new found confidence and all round comfort that I seem to be enjoying thus far this year. 

Yes, that old thing called confidence. Some people think I’m very confident. Others do not. Me, being of lowish self esteem, tend to agree with the “not confident” line. There’s a little bit of bravado to mask how nervous and anxious I do get from time to time. 

So far in 2017, it’s all good. A friend of mine even commented on how well I looked last night. I maybe don’t look good, but I feel good in myself. To me, that makes all the difference.

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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