Daaaaaahn to Margate….on my own



Link is Margate by Chas N’Dave…
Morning. And what another fabulous morning it is. Already very warm and sunny. I’ve decided to escape from London today to go down or us Londoners say “Daaaahn”, to the Kent coast.

If you look up a former London musical duo called Chas and Dave, they sung a little ditty called “Margate”. Originality abounds. The song though evokes memories of those family days out or a works do to the coast, with several employees often in varying states of inebriation. Today I am stone cold sober, ready to slap on the sunscreen to avoid looking like an overweight lobster when I return home this evening.

My sanctuary? Oh yes. I love days at the beach. Peace and quiet, the sounds of seagulls attacking someone’s fish and chips, the sea gently settling on the shoreline, the smell of that quintessentially English seaside town. Usually doughnuts, candy floss or fish and chips (not all in the same wrapper…)

The train I’m on is thrashing it’s way through the Kent countryside at a fair old speed. Luxurious indeed. Looking forward to a nice day out of the old smoke. 


Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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