One day international…

I knew I’d make it one day. Yes, Allen Brooks was on the international cricket umpiring stage today….but only for the day!

A local club was hosting an Australian touring side, Karrinyup CC from the delightful city of Perth. It was a lovely game to umpire, with good natured banter and good humour between the two sides. In fact, from a personal perspective, it was a very easy game to officiate, only having to make two decisions all match.

Then the two sides got down to some serious drinking post match. Cricket played in the old style, with new friendships formed and plenty of beer being sent down parched throats at regular intervals.

Again, I’m very glad that I’m out of the intense higher levels of umpiring that I used to do. This year has been very relaxed, I’ve been treated extremely well by all the players I’ve umpired, and I’ve not (as yet) have had to admonish any of the players for poor behaviour. I only wish I did this years ago. I’m having a great time so far this 2017 cricket season.

All good fun. And it continues on Saturday and Sunday. My sanctuary, relaxed and calm and enjoying the environment in which I operate. Yes, I was an international umpire for one day. But no TV cameras or endless scrutiny from commentators. Blissful. Delightful. Perfect.

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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