Sofa….so good…

A quiet Monday. Not a lot happening, except this. The wonderful landlady of the pub I frequent has got an old sofa to get rid of. I took a look at said sofa the other day and it would look rather decent in my front room. 

I thought it had been forgotten about until I got contacted this morning. I certainly do want the sofa as somewhere else to park my ample backside on. I got rid of my old one as it was falling to bits, just good enough for a bonfire. All there is in the room is a chair as far as furnishing goes. So now I have a sofa ready to be collected on Friday. Result. 

There is a nice side issue to this story. The landlady of the pub is one brilliant human being. She got in touch over the weekend to give me some encouragement while I was not all that well. She will do anything for anyone, a real people person. She remembered me as I was interested in the sofa, and got in contact. That’s why I love that pub and the friends I’ve made there. The music bingo night restarts again after a break this week and I’m raring to go and win a bit of cash! 
It’s what I call a spectrum. A spectrum of kindness. From one end where people are warped enough to terrorise others (London twice and Manchester in recent months) to the end I prefer, the one where people are kind and considerate, and look out for others. That’s the British way, no doubt. 

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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