Bus jinx?

Well I seem to be at the moment. It’s a never a dull moment when I get on a local bus it appears.

There was the case of the driver going the wrong way earlier this year. Last week we had a stand off between the driver and two passengers over a non payment of a fare, immediately followed by a shouty woman sitting right behind me on the bus home deafening my delicate ears!

Coincidence or bad luck. Well today we had another example of just plain idiocy, this time by two bus drivers trying to bypass each other on a narrow local road. Ten whole minutes went by, nothing moved until the driver of my bus decided to reverse. Still no reaction from driver on other side of road. I was about three quarters of a mile from home. I should have walked.

After this farce had ended, our same driver then tried to get past a lorry on the other side. Cue more standstill and dimwittedness. Ok, it was the same time when the local school was turfing out their kids to be collected, but a simple 5 minute trip from one end of the road to the other took nearly 30. All because of a lack of common sense. Also, the driver of the bus decided to sit at a stop for 5 minutes for no apparent reason earlier on in the journey. If he got his arse into gear, the following pantomime would have been avoided.

I think I’m a bus jinx. Time to either walk everywhere or buy a car…..the world is a mad place at times.

Allen Brooks, finally home xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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