Weather most foul….or winter time in June

One thing you can say, the UK weather is most certainly unpredictable. Today is a case in point. It is, in a word, horrid.

Yep. Gale force southerly, skies as grey as slate and rain which is incessant. I feel like that I’ve been transported six months back or forward. Ugh. I’ve got an umbrella with me, though what good that is I’m not too sure. I’m having trouble from stopping the thing blowing away, and me with it.

So if you see a 6ft 3in, 17 stone male flying over the rooftops in East London, please alert the relevant authorities. To prove how fickle the weather is, ten days ago I was enjoying the balmy heat. Today, it might be time to huddle round the campfire. 

Still, we wouldn’t want it any other way in  the UK. 

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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