Social Anxiety and overcoming it…

Yes, as I’ve described before on here, I’m socially inept. I’m very shy and diffident, I am not the most trusting of people either, due to past events. 

In the coffee shop today, while I was having lunch, were two people, a father and son from cricket circles who I know very well. I spotted them sitting in the corner of the shop, and I tried my best not to make eye contact with them. What was I doing? Why was I hiding? Stupid isn’t it?

I had a bus to catch to the gym, so before I left the shop, I wandered over to them and said hello. In fact the father struggled to remember who I was, which indicates the great impression I must have made on him!

We chatted about cricket for the next 10 minutes or so, no fuss, no bother. What was all that with the charade of keeping my head down, trying not to be noticed? As I say, nonsensical. The two people concerned are very nice people and it was good to catch up. Easy as that. Socially inept I may be, but this time I made the effort to go over and make small talk. I can do it, but am not very good at it. Maybe some more practice is needed, I don’t know.

Hiding round corners, keeping my head down, feeling embarrassed. This is part of my autism that I’ve had to deal with for a long time. But I overcame that today. What was all the fuss about?

Socially anxious, that’s me.

Allen Brooks xx


Working out….in peace

Afternoon. Quite tired after that session at the gym, proving how out of condition I am. Did 30 minutes on the walking machine and 20 minutes on the cycle, considering that I haven’t been for several months, not too bad would be a good summing up of how it went.

At one stage, I was the only person in there. So while my legs were being given a thorough going over on the cycle, my brain was being used for a quiz game on one of the TVs. Did ok on that too.

Mentally, I feel ok. The tiredness has started, but if I make a regular thing of this, then I won’t feel as tired and mentally, I should be good too. I will go back to my doctor with the good news after a recent bad spell. Mental health and physical health can complement each other very well. I hope the pounds will start to come off and the spare tyre that masquerades as my waist will reduce in size. Here’s hoping.


Allen Brooks xx

Cafe au Late….

Just a little play on words there. Good afternoon. And though it’s late in the day, I’m sleeping a lot longer, and today, the quality of sleep has been so good that I feel ok. Ready to go in fact. 

Off to the gym fairly soon, after I’ve had some lunch. It’s a nice day out, and the fuzziness I had over the weekend has gone, for now. Clear head rules the day. Quite happy so far.


Allen Brooks xx

All quiet on the western front…

Evening. Not much happening this weekend. The weather is better today after the grim greyness and rain of yesterday. I’m considering going back to the gym after a long spell away.

To be fair, I wasn’t going that often. But I need to busy myself on certain days of the week. And what better than by attending my local gym. I tend to go on the walking machine and the cycle, and it would be good for my well being, mental and physical.

I need to have a focus. I seem to have lost that over recent weeks and months, and it needs to be recaptured. Instead of sitting indoors, let’s get out there, even if it’s only for an hour or so. A regular pattern of exercise might make me stop feeling sluggish and bloated. 

I’ve come out with these statements before, but I feel ready to restart. Something to aim for. An aim, a focus, a reason to go out. Starting tomorrow.

Allen Brooks xx

Where has Summer gone?

Second Saturday in a row, it’s dreary, grey and wet here in London. That thing called Summer has decided to depart British shores and leave us with this unremitting gloom. I’d rather have November in it’s rightful place, not in July or August.

And we wonder why Brits fly south for the summer? When it’s 100F in parts of the Med and Spain, who can blame them? Not me. The greyness and unrelenting rain is a reminder that Britain is an island at the eastern end of the Atlantic, so we get all sorts of muck every year. Doesn’t do much for the mood, I can tell you.

Allen Brooks xx

P.S:- The UK weather changed when the schoolchildren broke up for their summer holidays. Coincidence? 

You’re My World


Just doing a little audit of and this modest blog has been viewed in 36 countries around the world. Fantastic stuff. Here’s the list:-

United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, India, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Turkey

Nepal, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Slovenia, Singapore, Greece, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, Norway, Italy, Vietnam

Bangladesh, Colombia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Switzerland, Romania, Pakistan, Morocco, Malta, Portugal, Netherlands

Phew!! Just exhausted typing those. But seriously, many thanks to all those fine citizens of those countries who drop by to see how a 44 year old man lives his everyday life. I’m sure there are better things you could be doing, but I’m very flattered by the attention. Keep reading folks!

Allen Brooks xx




Wish I was here….

This was my hotel room in Fuerteventura. I went there back in January, to escape the clutches of a cold English winter and to test my ability to deal with travelling to a foreign country on my own.

I was just thinking back yesterday to that week. I slept well, I ate well, I wasn’t ill mentally or physically, I just had an amazing time. Though I don’t make a habit of remembering the good times, this was a week that stood out for me. I proved that I could set my heart on something and achieve it, and that for me is a rarity. 

And then I had to return to foggy, cold, damp England. I left behind that glorious Spanish sunshine and clean, fresh air. I will return one day. But I proved that doing something for my own well being and peace of mind was well worth it. 

Just great times….

Allen Brooks xx