One thing you don’t know about me…

This was a question asked of all the attendees at a meeting I went to today. Name one thing about yourself that others don’t know….

Well the answer is easy. I was at the same school as this gentleman:-

That’s right. David Beckham. Former Manchester United and England footballer. A household name, a worldwide brand, with his own trademark Beckham aftershave. 

Beckham is two years younger than me, so that tells you how old I am! It’s a claim to fame that I’m rather proud of. The only time I had any real dealing with him was umpiring a school cricket match when he tried his hand at that particular sport. He was certainly one for the girls at the school, whereas I never received so much as a second glance. Especially with an acne riddled face and an anorak. I was the godfather of style….not. 

Our paths went in different directions. Beckham could kick a football to a certain style, whereas when I played football, I never even got to the ball. Some might say I was the Cinderella of the team! Playing sport was never my thing. 

Look at the pair of us now. Beckham with a personal fortune of squillions of pounds, me, considerably less, living in a flat, on my own. If only if I could have kicked a ball…. ah we can only dream.

So that’s the one of the things people don’t know about me. I’m not telling you the others….

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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