The rule of three…

Might have been a good idea to stay in bed today. As the song goes, mother told me there’ll be days like this…..

Firstly, it was off to the supermarket to change some coins up in their machine. Get to the supermarket, whose name I won’t mention, as I don’t advertise, to find that the place is closed. Closed to a leakage, of what they didn’t specify. Great. That’s part one of the routine disruption so familiar to me.

So, off to the coffee shop, then another bus to change the money and deposit it at the bank. Settle down, drink coffee and eat a sandwich. Phone goes. The presentation I was due to do this afternoon is cancelled, lack of numbers the reason. Is it me? It must be. 

So that’s two thirds of the whole of bad luck this morning. Now I’m just waiting for the third to arrive. Sometimes you have to smile and laugh at the silliness of it all. There’s no point getting angry or upset. Just laugh, and nobody else laughs with you. 

So my plans have been disrupted twice today. It’s a nice day out, I think it’s time I took a trip out of London. No wait, that might be my third piece of bad luck today. Do I risk it? Will my lack of patience overrule me? These and so many questions.

Off to get a four leafed clover methinks..

P.S. The third piece of bad luck has arrived. The coin machine at this supermarket don’t work either. But I’m determined to find one….Told you…should have been a fortune teller! 

Allen Brooks xx


Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...

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