Reflections…One Year On

Around this time last year, I wasn’t feeling particularly great. I decided, purely on a whim, to escape the dark recesses of an English winter and fly abroad for a holiday. This I hadn’t done since 2009. Last year, I remember going into the travel agents and booking myself a week at the lovely hotel pictured, in the gorgeous Canary Island of Fuerteventura.

Looking back, it’s something I didn’t regret doing for one moment. A little bit of impulse, a bit of inspiration, and then before I knew it, I was at Stansted Airport on a cold January morning ready for an incredible adventure.

What about this winter? Well, you see last year’s trip was a one off, a hunch. This time around, though I don’t feel quite as bad as last year, there isn’t quite that desire or impulse to fly off to warmer climes. Maybe I might fly abroad during the summer, but doing something like last year’s trip makes it all the more sweeter. Waiting a few years for the next one would make me look forward to it. But I’ll always remember that fantastic island in the eastern Atlantic, memories that will always stay with me.

Allen Brooks xx


Loneliness and Solitude at Christmas

Though I live on my own, I do have some family and very good friends. I will be seeing a lot of family and friends over the next two weeks, and that helps me get through this festive period.

Others though, aren’t so lucky. We see a lot of adverts on TV and on trains about loneliness. This time of year magnifies that feeling of solitude and helplessness and some people just cannot buy into the Christmas spirit at all. I also think that Christmas has become too commercialised, money and presents coming before health and well being. People who are less fortunate than ourselves can get forgotten about.

But it’s supposed to be a happy time, right? Well, if you believe all the hype, then everyone should be happy, smiling, full of Christmas cheer and bonhomie. The reality though is that some cannot be that way, they cannot pretend. I allow Christmas to pass me by, and as the years go on, this becomes more of the case for me. I cannot pretend to be happy. I am what I am. If I’m unhappy, I’ll be unhappy, and I won’t put on an act. There’s so much pressure and all for what? 24 hours in the year when we over indulge and before we know it, it’s all over again.

So, if there’s anyone that you know that is on their own, try dropping them a message or popping round to see them. That may give them a lift at this pressurised time of year. Always remember those that are less fortunate. I’m ok, I do have family and friends. I can just about tolerate Christmas. Keeping busy and forgetting about it can work wonders and stop me from feeling down. But it isn’t always easy of course. Bear that in mind as you tuck in to another lorry load of Brussels sprouts, after unwrapping another load of socks and watching some mediocre Christmas TV. Keep an eye out for those who want to shut themselves away.

Allen Brooks xx

Christmas 1990….

Three days before Christmas 1990, my world was about to change. My parents had gone to the local hospital, as Dad had been unwell in the previous few weeks. Some tests had been done and the results were now available. The news could not have come at a worse time.

Dad was given the news that he had three months to live. He had an aggressive cancer of the oesophagus that prevented him from keeping any food down. His weight had started to reduce. I, of course, broke down and unashamedly wept. Three months and Dad will be gone. I was only 18 at the time and we were very close. That Christmas was very surreal and unhappy for me. Wouldn’t you be if you received that kind of news?

Dad managed to last another four months, but a once fit and healthy man was now reduced to a shadow by the illness and endless rounds of chemotherapy. I hated seeing him just wasting away to nothing, and I got angry at the fact that cancer was to claim another good person in life. Why him? I’ve never received the answer. All I can say is I hope I don’t go through what we went through, unable to eat and drink and gradually becoming weaker by the day. But his spirit got him through seven months.

They say time is a great healer and it’s been 25 and a half years since he passed on. But to be left without a father at the age of 18 was something I couldn’t get to grips with. His wise advice and calmness would have helped me through some difficult moments, but that is a hypothetical statement now. He watches over me and he is never far from my thoughts, even at Christmas. Dad was taken away from us far too early.

Allen Brooks xx

Down Wembley Way….

Had a good night last night that made up for the irritating day that I had. I went to Wembley Stadium, with an umpiring colleague, to watch Tottenham play Brighton in the English Premier League.

The pair of us have been to Wembley before, to watch our local side Leyton Orient lose in a play off match. It was nice to make a nostalgic return, and the stadium looks imposing everywhere you went.

The night was wet and cold, and there was a crowd of 46,000 to witness a dull game which Tottenham eventually won. Getting out of the stadium on to the local trains was a devil’s own job, but we managed it and despite being hemmed in like sardines on the train, we made it home safely. It was a good evening, we had a good laugh and the view was spectacular, right up in the Gods, high up. If you were a bit wobbly about heights, then our seats weren’t for you!

A good way to finish off what was up till then a maddening and annoying day. Love watching live sport in the flesh, there’s no substitute for it!

Allen Brooks xx

Thinking Time…

A week is a long time in politics, so the saying goes. Also a week is a long time in the life of Allen Brooks. This week I think will be a total contrast to the shambles of last week, which is in the process of being dealt with.

Weather? Dank, dreary, cold and wet best describes it, and that’s only the good points. It’s thoroughly unpleasant out there. Not worth bothering with daylight, might as well be dark the whole day, like the North Pole!

I went for a CBT appointment this morning and discussed the issues of last week, and how it affected my equilibrium. I always enjoy talking to the counsellor because she gives me a dispassionate view of things and that brings me back down to earth, from the anger and annoyance of last week to a more chilled out outlook this week.

I have got something planned for tonight, but if this dreary weather continues, I may decide that a night in the warm and in front of the TV would be better than freezing my proverbials off waiting for public transport in the evening rush hour. I’ll make a decision later.

And finally, a little tribute to the people I spent time with on Thursday and Saturday, the regulars from the pub. Warm, friendly and welcoming people, and they also helped bring me back down from the angry and unsettled mood I was in last week. I may not show my appreciation at times, but I really do this time and thank them for just helping me chill out. Thank you guys!

A few things going on this week, and I’m determined to enjoy them. Watch this space!

Thanks for listening.

Allen Brooks xx

Snow stopped play…

It’s been a quiet Sunday generally. I was invited out to the pub this afternoon but the snow has disrupted a lot of the local travel, so I decided against waiting in the freezing cold for buses that may not arrive. One of those things.

Have spent most of the day indoors, watching TV, with a warming cup of soup to help me through. I did need to go out for a takeaway meal from the local Chinese restaurant, so I donned my warm coat and a pair of sturdy shoes to make the 5 minute journey to the shops. The sound of the shoes crunching the snow is an iconic sound synonymous with winter. And I didn’t slip over once, otherwise the local wildlife would have feasted on the takeaway!

Just thinking back to last night, and the wonderful evening I had. Memories to treasure. Delightful people and so enjoyable to be with.

Stay safe

Allen Brooks xx

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow

Above link is Let it Snow by Dean Martin.

Hello. Well London is under a thick blanket of snow this morning. The sledges are out in one household in the road where I live, and no doubt we will see a snowman at some point.

There are the usual transport problems. In the UK, transport can’t cope with snow, cold, heat, rain, wind etc. Two weeks before Christmas and people will have to delay their shopping expeditions methinks. But it is December, and this sort of weather is more or less expected. It’s a nice Christmassy scene out there, the sort that decorates Christmas cards.

Best advice, if you don’t have to go out, keep warm and have plenty to eat and hot drinks. Sounds obvious, but people often disregard the dangers and make their intrepid way to their destination. It’ll be gone in a few days. A short and severe Arctic blast. Then the madness of Christmas shopping will restart. I don’t care, I’m in bed!

Be careful out there!

Allen Brooks xx