Allen Brooks in the Himalayas?

Trawling through the figures for the blog today, I noticed one thing. Someone viewed my blog in Nepal of all places. Yes, that’s right, Nepal, that country in the Far East with the Himalayan mountains…

I can just imagine someone climbing those mountains, reaching the top and then tuning in to my blog, or maybe not. Perhaps they have better things to do. But in all the far off outposts around the world, I wouldn’t have expected Nepal to feature on the list. I must be making an impression somewhere and somehow! 

The only thing I know about Nepal is that they play cricket. They’re my friends for life….! 

To the person who’s liked my stuff from Nepal, thank you and keep tuning in.

Allen Brooks xx


In a total fog…

Coming out of the coffee shop, I decided to pop into the supermarket to get some things. Walking across the road though, my brain ceased to function properly. I was walking round the supermarket to no sufficient purpose, I put back the items and decided to leave the shop. My brain was in a fog.

In a daze, numb feeling, I decided to get a bus and get what I needed nearer home. Again, walking round the shop aimlessly, my mind had long since taken off for a faraway place. I got what I wanted, but I stared at the items for a few minutes. Madness has definitely set in when I was staring at a pack of refuse sacks. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if someone put me in one and left me out for collection. The sky is grey today and my mind matches that colourless, nondescript feeling. 

I’ve put off going to the doctors over the last few weeks. I can’t put it off no longer, I need to offload and to get some help. I feel lost, numb and helpless today. The mind has stopped, or to put it another way, the light is on but nobody is in. 


Allen Brooks xx

A top referee and a top bloke….

The link takes you to the BBC News website, where international rugby union referee Nigel Owens (above) explains his battles with bulimia, mental illness and his sexuality.

Owens has forged a reputation as one of the best sports officials in the world. I’m not a great fan of rugby union, but when Owens referees, he leaves the players in no doubt as to who is in charge. He does this with a wit and a style that gets respect from all the players. 

I won’t go into the problems that he has and is continuing to suffer, suffice it to say that Nigel Owens is forthright, eloquent and is a great voice on mental health. Please read the article, and watch the TV programme tonight, on BBC Television. You will see a man who has gone through the mill, and continues to battle skilfully through each day. He is a top referee, and to my mind, a top bloke. 

Allen Brooks xx

The Winter Collection….

For the first time in several weeks, if not months, I’ve had to put on a jumper before going outside. The weather has turned a distinct wintry flavour, and yes, it’s the 24th July. Not warm at all.

Apologies for the short break in programmes (I sound like a TV station) but there hasn’t been much to write about. I haven’t been 100% the last few days, if truth be told. I did go out on Saturday evening for a meal with some old workmates, that went well, but I wasn’t at my best.

I’ve just been doing a bit of soul searching, over thinking, and recrimination. I know it doesn’t do anyone any good, but when you live on your own like me, then those things are unavoidable. I’ve decided to go out for a while today as I was hungry and wanted some fresh air. The local coffee shop I usually frequent is a good place to relax and witness the world going by. Sitting in my flat isn’t the best idea, and can cause my mind to think some odd thoughts. 

The first half of the summer wasn’t too bad, but the last 5 weeks has seen a downturn in personal well being and fortune. I was forever believing that winter isn’t a great time for me, well the last few years has seen the summer be a time for emotion and anxiety. But I will battle on, each day. 

See you soon

Allen Brooks xx

The morning after the night before….

That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. Solid, restful, deep sleep. And that’s not often I can say that.

It was the fortnightly music bingo night at the pub. After a quiet start, the punters flocked in. The prizes of £50 and a £100 were at their limit. The cacaphony was amazing. The tunes were belted out with feeling and sometimes in harmony! Everybody was enjoying themselves so much.

There is simply nothing else of this magnitude or brilliance anywhere in the local area, or of anything I’ve experienced before. It’s a simple concept, and the brilliant host makes it what it is. It’s the best night out for miles around, and you have to know your music. Add to that a few libations and some excellent food and the package is complete.

It just gets better and better!

Allen Brooks xx

A week is a long time…

In politics, in peer support, in everything really. Remember last week when I flounced out of the Peer Support meeting because of various issues? Well, this week saw myself in charge, so time to recoup some losses after last week.

And it went very well, by and large. It was a small group, but we discussed some very sensitive and difficult issues today, proving the adage that every week in the Peer Support group is different. Some weeks we can have fun and laugh together, but today was altogether more serious and heavy going. But it was a pleasure to be there and to erase the memories of last week. 

I feel better generally this week, despite the strange day I had on Tuesday. Early mornings and a bit more structured sleep has improved my well being so far this week. Still plenty of hard work still to do before I’m out of this latest crisis. I’m trying hard, I really am.

Music Bingo and a raucous night at the pub coming up. Could do with a laugh, so looking forward to that. My work colleague and sparring partner is back after a short absence. It’s good to see her back in the fray. I’ve had no one to take the mickey out of! Ha ha. 

Good day so far, hoping that continues.

Allen Brooks xx

All good clean fun…

Morning. Welcome to my not so dull existence. I was woken from my slumbers during the middle of the night by the sound of my phone notifying me of people liking my blog posts. Especially a site called DAZZLED from Australia. I must say a huge thanks to him/her, and for liking my content. Very much appreciated.

It’s the first day of the school holidays today, and two teenage girls were probably better off staying in school, learning some manners and showing some respect to their elders and betters. There was some incident on the train into work today, there was a lot of shouting and gesticulating, and some angry reactions from a couple of other passengers. If I could have introduced to them the group of teenagers I saw yesterday, then the two pea brains would have seen how to treat people with respect and manners. I always think that if you’ve got nothing worthwhile to say, then shut up.

Still, I wasn’t involved, but it’s never good to see. Off now to Peer Support, hoping for a non repeat of last week’s drama. I’m running it today, so that could be a case of famous last words. I know how the captain of the Titanic felt when the ship went down. Let’s hope it stays afloat today.


Allen Brooks xx