Blank Holiday Monday….

No cricket today. Heavy rain during the night and the prospect of more this afternoon has put paid to any sporting action today. Oh well. It can’t be helped, it wouldn’t be an English summer without a dose of rain.

So what am I doing? Sitting in a local coffee shop, watching the world go by. It isn’t that busy, as most of the shops are shut. To be honest, though it’s disappointing that the weather has intervened, I’m not too sorry to be inactive today. 

The last seven days has seen a load of things going on, with scarcely a break, so a little rest today has probably come at a good time. Chance to put the feet up and do a few bits around the flat, though I’m enjoying this iced latte, and fancy sitting here a while longer! 

Peace and quiet. Though it’s a blank holiday Monday, it will be uneventful. That’s how I like things to be….

Allen Brooks xx


Cooked and washed away….

Well it was another game of cricket today. We started the match in very hot and sultry conditions, very uncomfortable and oppressive. The sun shining made it feel like an oven being switched to full heat.

Nice game, no problems, and then the rain arrived to condemn the game to a premature close. That’s the first abandonment of all the matches I’ve done so far, so not bad going at all. Can’t be hot and sunny every day, this is England remember! 

Don’t feel as tired today, having an early night and catching up on sleep certainly helps me feel ok the following day. 2017 is all good, but I always guard against complacency. You never know what is round that corner……

Allen Brooks xx

Tiredness setting in…

It’s been a long week. Lots going on, most of it good. Today was the day when tiredness crept up on me. 

I was out umpiring cricket, and though the game itself was fine, I think a combination of the week and the heat of the day saw Allen Brooks just a little fatigued this afternoon. I was struggling for concentration, but autopilot kicked in and I was able to see it through. 

I do have other games on Sunday and Monday, so looking forward to more rest tonight before tomorrow’s game. Though a week, obviously is of seven day’s duration, this week has felt like ten. Next week is a little quieter on the whole, so that might recharge the batteries a little. 

As I say, it’s all good. Can’t complain at all. Been treated well and with great respect this year, and consequently, I’ve enjoyed the cricket a lot more. Long may it continue. 

Allen Brooks xx

Moving the furniture around upstairs….

Morning. Early night last night and in the main, I slept rather well. Was awake around six with the sun just coming up and it was still feeling warm.

However, I must have drifted off again until I heard “BOOOOMMMMM”! What the hell was that, I said, or words to that effect. It was a thunderstorm. The heat and humidity has broken over this part of London. Down came the rain. Don’t think it’s cooled the air down much though. 

So, just to clarify the post title “Moving the furniture around upstairs”, that’s what a thunderstorm is. Him upstairs rearranging a sofa and a couple of tables. Could do with a sofa myself actually, but I digress. 

A lively start to the weekend. Not sure how it’s going to affect the cricket, but I’ll no doubt see later on. All fun and games.

Allen Brooks xx

Back burning….

Hi all. Well it’s coming to the end of a long day, but a good one, spent getting quietly cooked on the Kent coast. Boy it was hot, in fact the afternoon was really steamy. My back has certainly suffered as far as sunburn is concerned, as I do not have telescopic arms or a 360 degree turn in my neck muscles, the back went without factor 30 protection. Where was that lovely lady to rub some sun tan lotion on my back? As so often, sadly missing! 

Nice day. Yet another sultry and warm evening in London, and I’m bracing myself for three games of cricket in three days this holiday weekend. It’s going to be another roasting day tomorrow, I think regular intakes of fluid (not alcohol) will be the order of the day. I’m not complaining about this hot spell, far from it, it just takes a few days to get used to it. 

I’ll leave you with another picture of the seafront at Margate as I wish you good night. Summer in England can be great, and the last few days has proved it. 

Allen Brooks xx

Just like the Med….

Well this is alright. Flat, sandy beach. Bottle of something cold, but not alcoholic. Plenty of factor 30 on. A typical sea breeze tempering the heat. If I close my eyes for long enough, it could be Majorca, The Canaries or Malta. 

Other convenient bits about this little bit of beach. The railway station is only 500 yards away, and there’s a restaurant where I can have my afternoon meal about 200 yards away. All I need is a sun lounger and some lovely lady to apply some factor 30 to my back. No such luck I’m afraid. 

But it’s heavenly, and relatively peaceful. Just the perfect way to spend a Friday, and it’s only 80 minutes on the train from London. 

Allen Brooks xx

Daaaaaahn to Margate….on my own

Link is Margate by Chas N’Dave…
Morning. And what another fabulous morning it is. Already very warm and sunny. I’ve decided to escape from London today to go down or us Londoners say “Daaaahn”, to the Kent coast.

If you look up a former London musical duo called Chas and Dave, they sung a little ditty called “Margate”. Originality abounds. The song though evokes memories of those family days out or a works do to the coast, with several employees often in varying states of inebriation. Today I am stone cold sober, ready to slap on the sunscreen to avoid looking like an overweight lobster when I return home this evening.

My sanctuary? Oh yes. I love days at the beach. Peace and quiet, the sounds of seagulls attacking someone’s fish and chips, the sea gently settling on the shoreline, the smell of that quintessentially English seaside town. Usually doughnuts, candy floss or fish and chips (not all in the same wrapper…)

The train I’m on is thrashing it’s way through the Kent countryside at a fair old speed. Luxurious indeed. Looking forward to a nice day out of the old smoke. 


Allen Brooks xx