A blank evening

Well my description of the day just gone has proved accurate. The creative writing workshop sadly didn’t happen, so me and my friend just sat and chatted. We made good friends with the landlady of the pub, who it must be said, has transformed a hitherto run down establishment into one the locals can be proud of.

A publican is a very noble, and quintessentially English profession, and this landlady certainly does the profession every credit with her friendliness and warm welcome. It’s a traditional olde worlde pub with no loud music, no drunks, and no trouble. It has a decent atmosphere, and a place to chat freely to staff and the regulars. I like it. 

Well the day hasn’t turned out as expected, but it’s dealt with. Cup of tea when I get in, and off to bed. 


Allen Brooks


Not sure whether that’s two words or one. Good afternoon folks. The weather is reflecting my slightly sombre mood today. It’s grey, windy and chilly. Nondescript pretty much sums it up.

I’m off to this creative writing class at a local pub. I’ve penned another short story and I may share it with you, if you’re unlucky. Not much has happened otherwise, bar a reasonable lunch, and me waking up in the middle of the night, with my right calf having cramped up. I yelled out an expletive which I won’t bore you with here, and then felt the searing pain at the back of the leg. All this at 5 in the morning. 

Exciting bloke eh? I don’t know how I cope with the heady feelings of another nondescript day. Still, I hope to enjoy what this writing class has in store, it might cheer me up.

Allen Brooks

The precious gift of life….

I heard that one of my cricketing colleagues passed away very suddenly today. While sad at his departure, the happening reminded me of how my life is and how I approach everyday.

Just glad to wake up everyday and be enjoying life and the people around me. Some days are difficult and I struggle to muster the motivation to do things, but some sad news makes me think. I’m still here, still surviving.

And another point. I’ve been involved in cricket since the age of 8. I’m now 44. It’s been a game of great joy and sometimes, great frustration. But it has served me well. I’ve met many wonderful people. I’m good friends and acquaintances with many of them, built up much hard earned respect from people. If you’re nice to people, you do get that reciprocated.

The community spirit that typifies cricket keeps me going through some tough moments. Today’s passing of a former umpiring colleague saw so many messages of condolence from people, irrespective of the fact that the death was sudden and unexpected. There are some great people out there, and in cricket, there are so many loyal servants to the game, and to life in general.

So, even though I may have the occasional tough days, I should still be thankful that I’m still plodding along. Life is precious. 

Allen Brooks

Called to the bar…..

Only when I’m buying a round or…..rare as that is…helping out as a volunteer at a tea bar in a place that is staffed by mental health professionals.

The place used to be a mental hospital, but it’s decaying and showing its age so there are other buildings located around for inpatients who have mental health problems. A tea bar exists, three days a week, and it’s far cheaper and friendlier than the main hospital across the road.

Service with a smile! Yep, there are two staff that operate it as there is a steady, but not cumbersome, flow of custom. I take the orders and the cash, and my colleague makes the orders, be it sandwiches, rolls, toast, tea etc etc. The three hours passed very quickly today, it’s extremely enjoyable, and the volunteers would far rather be doing something useful than sitting at home watching rubbish daytime TV. It’s fun, and if it’s fun, I’ll gladly partake.

Again this morning, I wasn’t completely with it, didn’t sleep great either, but once I was out in the fresh air, things got better, bar the journey, which takes 90 minutes and three buses. Still, a bit of inconvenience is tolerable when the activity is fun. But don’t get me to make a sandwich. 

Allen Brooks

Suspended in mid air….

On my way back from a little mooch about. Earlier I decided to be trapped in a glass capsule 300 feet above the River Thames.

No, I’m not going turning into David Blaine, but it was a pleasant trip on the Emirates AirLine, which is a cable car that takes eight minutes to cross the Thames from the Docklands to the O2 centre. 

After I told you about my experiences on aircraft the other day, why am I doing this you may well ask. Well, the trip takes eight minutes and it’s 36,700 feet less in the air than a commercial airliner. Plus the fact the cable car travels at walking pace, then it is totally different. I’ve made the trip several times and on a pleasant day such as today, I thought why not do it again? 

Spot of lunch the other side of the river then a walk around the local shopping mall does me fine. All the fogginess and fuzziness has gone. It’s a nice day. All is good with the world.

Walking past one of the main stores, I couldn’t help but notice that the store is doing a bra fit for women. A closer inspection of the advertisement saw the bra fit closed through lack of support….you pays your money, you takes your choice. This blog does include a lot of rubbish jokes that are well past their sell by date, like that one. Well it keeps me occupied. 

For now, adios amigos

Allen Brooks

Of all the coffee shops in all the world….

With apologies to Humphrey Bogart…I think he was famous..anyway I digress. It’s a cracking day weather wise today. Warm, mellow sunshine and it’s still only February. Lovely.

Not at my best this morning. Bit away with the fairies. Bit of gloom starting to descend on my forever addled brain. Had arranged to meet a couple of ex work colleagues for coffee. 

So, with the gloom still there, I decided to go out. And I’m glad I did. Nice coffee shop, free wifi and a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping area. My friends turned up and the gloom lifted. My mind started to feel a bit more in the zone, as it were. Couple of coffees later with some decent conversation and I feel much better. So much so, that I’m on my travels to take advantage of this glorious day. Don’t know where I’m going yet, still to decide. 

Got a busy week this week, plenty of things going on, so that temporary fuzziness will be warded off for the time being. Don’t ask me why I had that fuzziness, it’s just that mornings aren’t my best time. 

Catch you later

Allen Brooks

No fake news here folks…

Not one single piece of misinformation, no fakery, no lies, no statistical rubbish. I’m what you might call a wysiwyg. No, that doesn’t mean I’m Welsh, that stands for What You See Is What You Get. 

I like to think my straightforwardness and honesty gets me through most days. All the stuff in the media these days is designed to scare, to worry, to control. I don’t know what is true and what isn’t looking at the BBC News website. Propaganda I think it’s called. Rubbish is what I call it. 

On this here blog, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is what the reader will see. An honest appraisal of everyday life. People seem to like that, so don’t change a winning formula. 

Allen Brooks