Quiet…but a decent morning.

A small attendance at the weekly Peer Support group today, but that could be down to the excellent weather in London and the beginning of the school holidays. 

It was a good group despite that, with plenty of support and healthy discussion. We introduced a new member to the group and he seemed to fit in very well. All in all, I enjoyed facilitating it, and though I was a bit nervous yesterday thinking about it, it couldn’t have gone much better really. 

Then afterwards, I had to wear my advertising hat as there was a meeting discussing the way forward for the Peer Support group, especially branching out to neighbouring areas, where Peer Support is virtually non existent. Hope I put my points across well….!

Turning out to be a magnificent afternoon, the sun is blazing through the window, so I’m going to enjoy it.

Peace and love

Allen Brooks


Link is the song Glorious by Andreas Johnson..

Yet another fabulous morning in London Town. As Louis Armstrong would say, the skies are blue, the clouds are white, a bright blessed day, etc etc.

Slept well, out early today. It’s Peer Support group today and I’m running it on my own, as the other facilitators are busy. If there’s a small number of people again this week, it shouldn’t present too much of a problem. 

It’s also good to take a bus journey when the kids are on school holidays. The traffic reduces drastically and what seems a long, arduous journey is a breeze really. It’s a good job the buses were ok because the trains are up to their usual tricks, problems on those today. Still, I’m at the office, calm and relaxed and ready for the session. 

No anxiety today. As I say, some days can be very taxing, some, like today, can be so much better. I’m determined to enjoy the day today. A lot going on, it’s going to be fun, I hope.

Peace and love 

Allen Brooks

Creeping Tiredness….

Not sure what’s going on with me today. Bit of anxiety, bit of forgetfulness (must be my age), bit of deafness, pardon, what was I saying again? Oh yes, and tiredness.

Managed to get through the morning at the cafe without too many problems. We did a nice amount of business without being too busy. My colleague was back today, and she helped me through the morning. 

Then, just overwhelming tiredness as I left. I’m falling to bits! Just want to go back to bed and have a quick doze when I get home. I hope it’s not senility setting in at the tender age of 44. 

I hope I remember what I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow, otherwise we will all be in trouble. Help! 

Allen whatever my name is…

Up the ladder, down the snake….

Morning. Despite the fact it’s another pluperfect spring morning, it’s back to normal for me.

What’s normal? Anxious. That’s what. I woke up, got showered, dressed and had breakfast, all seemed fine. I’ve stepped outside to go to my volunteering, and the anxiety has reappeared. Seems fairly mild at the moment, again there is no apparent trigger for it. I’ve got nothing to feel anxious about, except my brain tells me something different.

Just like a game of snakes and ladders. Up the ladder, down the snake. Anxiety can seem like that at times. Hopefully the ladder can be long and the snake of a short length. Then I can get on with my day. 

Allen Brooks

Mental health and cricket…

Though I don’t perform my umpiring duties in the professional game, I like to keep a check on how top level cricket deals with mental health.

Some former England players, Marcus Trescothick, Jonathan Trott, Monty Panesar and Mike Yardy have come out and revealed their struggles with mental illness. In the cases of Trescothick and Trott, they have took to print to highlight their battles, and excellent reads they are too.

Like in any walk of life, we are susceptible to breakdowns and struggles. We assume, just because they are professional sportsmen, and well paid, that they enjoy their lifestyle. That’s true to a point. There will always be a time when the enjoyment goes out of it. Just getting out of bed is an effort and going out and performing to a high standard with constant scrutiny, can break some.

That doesn’t mean they are weak. They are strong. Those individuals have hidden their battles for too long until they cry enough. They deserve our praise and our understanding of revealing that well used phrase “It’s tough at the top”. 

Allen Brooks

Quiet day at the ranch…

Afternoon. Nice morning at the cafe, but strangely quiet. Really and honestly, my colleague could have coped on her own, but it was a morning out and it keeps me out of trouble!

We never know how busy it’s going to be, but there was plenty of time for conversation with my new colleague (new for me, though she’s worked there for ages), and a bit of clock watching, which is never good. I prefer a steady flow of custom, or footfall in the modern vernacular, then having quiet spells.

Still, no anxiety and I feel so much better than yesterday morning. Sometimes a day in the sun and warmth does wonders. I do it all again tomorrow, with my regular colleague. As they say, I’m just ticking over. 

Allen Brooks