Daaaaaahn to Margate….on my own



Link is Margate by Chas N’Dave…
Morning. And what another fabulous morning it is. Already very warm and sunny. I’ve decided to escape from London today to go down or us Londoners say “Daaaahn”, to the Kent coast.

If you look up a former London musical duo called Chas and Dave, they sung a little ditty called “Margate”. Originality abounds. The song though evokes memories of those family days out or a works do to the coast, with several employees often in varying states of inebriation. Today I am stone cold sober, ready to slap on the sunscreen to avoid looking like an overweight lobster when I return home this evening.

My sanctuary? Oh yes. I love days at the beach. Peace and quiet, the sounds of seagulls attacking someone’s fish and chips, the sea gently settling on the shoreline, the smell of that quintessentially English seaside town. Usually doughnuts, candy floss or fish and chips (not all in the same wrapper…)

The train I’m on is thrashing it’s way through the Kent countryside at a fair old speed. Luxurious indeed. Looking forward to a nice day out of the old smoke. 


Allen Brooks xx


And finally….

Went out to a local Indian restaurant for a superb meal with my sister and brother in law. The weather is still magnificent, it’s 9.20 at night and it is still light and the temperature pleasantly cool. Bliss.

The food was wonderful, I love my Indian food, the way it’s cooked and the great hospitality at the restaurants I sometimes frequent. Very nice indeed. All washed down with a little bit of alcohol, that will definitely help me sleep! A nice, relaxing way to wind the week down.

Feeling content……and it’s not often I say that!

Allen Brooks xx

One, two, three….thousand views of allenbrooks44!

Finally made it to three thousand views, the blog has had it’s quieter moments the last month or so, but it’s picking up again gradually. Nice to be able to report that people around the world are tuning in to what Allen Brooks has to say, and liking my stuff, which is always gratifying. 

So, a big thank you to those who have liked, contributed and made one humble old me quite happy. Continue reading and enjoying. I try and be as real as I can. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Allen Brooks xx

Out with the washing….

Seven years ago, almost to the day, my life was turned upside down in the most spectacular way. I won’t go into the reasons why, except to say that I ended up living in my late mother’s old house, as a “legal” trespasser. I had walked out on my marriage, my mother then passed away, and I was left with virtually no money and the self esteem, which has always been low, was now through the floor.

The washing machine in the old house had broken, and I had no money to get it fixed. I had a pile of washing to do. There was a local laundrette that I went to. It was a hot day, and I was flagging. There was a huge amount of washing, and I managed to get it done. But the thoughts going my head were these “Why? Why has this happened? Why have I allowed myself to hit rock bottom? Why am I here, alone and afraid, watching my washing going round?” So many questions, and ones I didn’t have the answer to.

A few weeks later, I found myself in the doctor’s surgery, literally bawling my eyes out. That is a story for another day. The day I walked to that laundrette, weighed down with clothes and the events of the previous few weeks, was the day I was out with the washing.  More on that terrible period of my life to follow in future posts.

Allen Brooks xx

A sunny disposition….

The link is to a song that’s appropriate for the day. Sunny by Boney M. A 1970s disco classic, and a summer hit.

It’s a roaster out there in London today. Clear blue skies and temperatures around 80F. Lovely. But there is always a downside. Today’s peer support group attendance suffered as a result. There were only five of us, including two facilitators and one newbie. The regulars saw the day and the idea of sitting in a small, stuffy room with the sun beating down outside was not for them. I can quite understand. 

If I had that opportunity to go and do something else today, I would have done so. It’s too nice out there and it does lift everyone’s spirits to have the sun on their back and to enjoy the glorious warmth.

To be fair though, it’s been a long week, and the fact there were only five of us made it a lot more intimate and cosy. There was no pressure today to get everyone to tell us how they were feeling, as normally we are under some kind of time pressure. Relaxed, informal chat, as per usual, but without old Father Time to beat us.

It’s been a long week, but I can qualify that by saying it’s been a good week personally. All in the Brooks garden is quite rosy, apart from a few weeds! Nice to be back, doing a little bit of work here and there. Next week is somewhat quieter, so it’s good to look forward to the weekend and more umpiring duties.

Enjoy the weather

Allen Brooks xx

Summer Nights….

Windows open. A touch of breeze. Tunes playing on my phone. Relaxing. Just had a bath and ready for bed as there is another early start tomorrow. I did sleep a little bit earlier after I came home from the meeting. Must have needed it as I was tired from yesterday. 

Just love these kind of evenings. When summer arrives, there’s nothing better. Chilling out and letting the events of the day just ease away. Nice…..

Night all

Allen Brooks xx

Oh do shut up Allen!

At this meeting, I advertised what I do for my particular company, namely presentations and the Peer Support group. A lady from another company joined us and was very keen to tap into the knowledge and experience gained. I just went into overdrive and extolled the virtues of the stuff we do, it was hard to shut me up! Sometimes it’s hard to get me to talk in social situations, so that’s a sign of my new found confidence and all round comfort that I seem to be enjoying thus far this year. 

Yes, that old thing called confidence. Some people think I’m very confident. Others do not. Me, being of lowish self esteem, tend to agree with the “not confident” line. There’s a little bit of bravado to mask how nervous and anxious I do get from time to time. 

So far in 2017, it’s all good. A friend of mine even commented on how well I looked last night. I maybe don’t look good, but I feel good in myself. To me, that makes all the difference.

Allen Brooks xx