Under Doctors Orders…

Afternoon. Last week, I forgot to go back to the doctors after I saw him the previous week. The hiatus was caused by some disrupted sleep and late awakenings, so it was time today to return the visit.

Not quite as zonked out as yesterday (maybe the new dosage of tablets is working?), and I was out and about with fewer problems than yesterday. The doc has prescribed some more medication to keep me going and I must confess to feeling a little bit brighter today. I also told him that the visits to the gym seem to be working on my general well being too.

I don’t know how my doctor seems to judge the moment to increase my medication, but he seems to do it perfectly and so far, apart from some crashing tiredness, I seem to be pulling around again. Just need to string some good days together consecutively and to sleep better, also consecutively, rather than the odd day.

So, improvement is there, need to keep going. Easier said than done.

Allen Brooks xx

Another milestone reached

Afternoon. That was a tough session at the gym. It was like walking through treacle at times, the backs of my legs ache, but as long as I feel ok mentally at the end of it, so much the better.

Another milestone reached today with more than 5,000 views and 2,000 visitors on allenbrooks44.wordpress.com. The blog seems to be picking up a few new followers and I hope I’m doing my best to tell it as it is. Some days good, some days bad. But truth all the way. 

See ya 

Allen Brooks xx

No quality of sleep….

Afternoon. Didn’t sleep that well last night. My alarm went off at 7.30 and I….immediately decided to go back to sleep. It was the Peer Support group today and I just didn’t have the wherewithal or zest to get up at that hour and make my way there.

Why did I turn over and go back to sleep? Because I didn’t feel as though the five or six hours I had were of good quality, thus I needed some more. And besides, the group can do without me for one week. I’m not indispensable. Wasn’t due to be running the group anyway so the decision to hide under the duvet was a no brainer. 

I’m out now though, had some lunch and then off to the gym in a while. At the moment, I seem to be functioning from around lunchtime onwards. It’ll take my mind and body a while to perform a factory setting back to getting up early. At least I’m trying to get fit, that’s something.


Allen Brooks xx

Hello there…

Today has been one of those days where you try and make the best of a bad job. The weather has been unbelievably bad, cold, wet and windy, and thus that makes my mood not as tip top as it should be.

So it was another venture to the gym. It actually felt like hard work today, which I suppose that’s how it should be. But instead of sitting on my backside indoors, moping and feeling sorry for myself, it was time to use the time wisely, which I did.

Then I had a meal at the restaurant about 200 yards away. Very nice too. But it’s a day that hasn’t risen above the average. Perhaps it’s a lesson in trying to use time wisely when I’m not at my best. Tomorrow will be different. There’s a lot going on, and it won’t be mediocre, I can promise you that.

See ya 

Allen Brooks xx


I had a very strange post notification on my blog last night. I’d love to be able to tell you what it said or meant, but it was written in Spanish. My grasp of the Spanish lingo is rudimentary at best, the only words or phrases I know are “Ola”, “Gracias” or “Por Favor”. That saw me through my week in the Canaries back in January. 

The post went where most posts go that I don’t understand – the bin. It was to do with the blog post I wrote some days ago on my hotel room, and how I wished being there. Sorry, but I do not understand the finer points of the language.

Onto the gym today, and there were more masses of humanity in there working out. By the looks of a few of them, I have nothing to worry about in terms of my waistline and it’s likely reduction. It goes to prove that we all come in different shapes and sizes. 

Just a few observations, passes the time! 

Allen Brooks xx

Pushing on…

Hot work today at the gym. But a very satisfactory session. Didn’t feel absolutely brilliant when I left the flat to go to the gym, but I feel ok now. It’s a warm day outside and the air conditioning isn’t working terribly well inside. But pushing myself to do more in a hot atmosphere will only hopefully do good for my waistline. 

Very pleased. There’s a bank of TVs to watch, music over the loudspeakers, and it’s just a relaxing atmosphere to while away an hour of the day. It beats sitting indoors, definitely!

Allen Brooks xx