In the frame….

Year:- Sometime in the 1970s. Venue:- School Hall. Yes, it was time for the ritual humiliation that was the weekly P.E. lesson. As you know by now, I was rubbish at playing sport and any kind of fitness gubbins. 

On this particular day, we had to climb up the ubiquitous frame and slide our way down the bench back to the floor. Except on this occasion, the gap between the bars of the frame was very narrow. I, being daring or stupid, attempted to slide back down the bench. There was only one problem with that, I got my head stuck.

And I started to panic, and scream and shout. It was quite frightening to have your noggin stuck in a climbing frame, and no doubt funny to the rest of the class. The teacher was disinterested at first, but having heard the cries of distress, released the bench very slowly and my head was free. Thank goodness. 

I was quite traumatised for the rest of the lesson and seemed quite put off by this. I never attempted climbing frames again, purely on the basis that my head will be bigger and the fire service would be needed to free me if the head was trapped. 

I can’t quite remember if my parents laughed when I told them. All I can remember is feeling like a total idiot. So you can see why I hated P.E. Was looking forward to reading, writing and adding up, which I was rather good at, not prancing around a school hall. 

Allen Brooks xx


Lack of bounce…

Embarrassing moments in my life, number 278. I used to hate games and P.E. at school, even though I enjoy sports, watching them mainly!

Any P.E. session where we had to do gym work was frankly, an embarrassment. At my last school, we had trampolining lessons, but only in the spring….sorry, too easy to resist an appalling joke. 

All the usual suspects used to crowd round the trampoline. “Brooks!!” called the teacher, and on I would get. The crowd would titter and then the laughter would grow louder. I felt, and probably looked a complete idiot, bouncing high into the air and back down again, with a distinct lack of style and grace. I was relieved when the ordeal was over, it only lasted a few minutes but it felt like a lifetime. 

Up….down…up…down, sadly I would never be a gymnast or a trampolinist. If you were no good at sports, like me, P.E. or games were a harrowing experience. I always looked forward to English or Maths, subjects where I could use my talents more profitably, such as they were. 

Next time, the moment when I got my head stuck in the climbing frame in a junior school gym lesson. Undignified…

Allen Brooks xx

Living, learning and laughing….

Hi. I like to think I have a decent vocabulary and a reasonable command of the English language. But yesterday a new follower of my blog introduced me to a brand new word. Pulchritudinious. Yes, exactly. Before yesterday I didn’t have a clue what it means.

That’s where the great internet comes into play. I looked it up. It means something of beauty or vivaciousness. Clearly not me then! But I must thank the new follower for increasing my vocabulary by one.

Onto something completely different now. I’ve never been one for American humour, until today. I’ve been watching clips of the long running satirical show, Saturday Night Live, on You Tube.

I’ve been laughing my head off at the brilliant parodying of all the American political heavy hitters, Donald Trump, Sean Spicer amongst others. Alec Baldwin is simply brilliant as The Donald. 

The hand gestures, pouting, the catchphrases and the workings of the Trump mind are all perfect. 

Not only that, Kate McKinnon is superb as Hillary Clinton, and the very funny Weekend Update starring the sassy Cecily Strong also demands attention.

 Some of the writing is very, very on point, and I found myself enjoying every side splitting moment of it. I wasn’t sold on American humour, but I am now.

It’s been a quiet Tuesday. Not a lot going on really. But I feel reasonably ok. Gladly settle for that. Laughter is always good medicine.

Allen Brooks xx

Under Doctors Orders…

Afternoon. Last week, I forgot to go back to the doctors after I saw him the previous week. The hiatus was caused by some disrupted sleep and late awakenings, so it was time today to return the visit.

Not quite as zonked out as yesterday (maybe the new dosage of tablets is working?), and I was out and about with fewer problems than yesterday. The doc has prescribed some more medication to keep me going and I must confess to feeling a little bit brighter today. I also told him that the visits to the gym seem to be working on my general well being too.

I don’t know how my doctor seems to judge the moment to increase my medication, but he seems to do it perfectly and so far, apart from some crashing tiredness, I seem to be pulling around again. Just need to string some good days together consecutively and to sleep better, also consecutively, rather than the odd day.

So, improvement is there, need to keep going. Easier said than done.

Allen Brooks xx

Another milestone reached

Afternoon. That was a tough session at the gym. It was like walking through treacle at times, the backs of my legs ache, but as long as I feel ok mentally at the end of it, so much the better.

Another milestone reached today with more than 5,000 views and 2,000 visitors on The blog seems to be picking up a few new followers and I hope I’m doing my best to tell it as it is. Some days good, some days bad. But truth all the way. 

See ya 

Allen Brooks xx

No quality of sleep….

Afternoon. Didn’t sleep that well last night. My alarm went off at 7.30 and I….immediately decided to go back to sleep. It was the Peer Support group today and I just didn’t have the wherewithal or zest to get up at that hour and make my way there.

Why did I turn over and go back to sleep? Because I didn’t feel as though the five or six hours I had were of good quality, thus I needed some more. And besides, the group can do without me for one week. I’m not indispensable. Wasn’t due to be running the group anyway so the decision to hide under the duvet was a no brainer. 

I’m out now though, had some lunch and then off to the gym in a while. At the moment, I seem to be functioning from around lunchtime onwards. It’ll take my mind and body a while to perform a factory setting back to getting up early. At least I’m trying to get fit, that’s something.


Allen Brooks xx

Hello there…

Today has been one of those days where you try and make the best of a bad job. The weather has been unbelievably bad, cold, wet and windy, and thus that makes my mood not as tip top as it should be.

So it was another venture to the gym. It actually felt like hard work today, which I suppose that’s how it should be. But instead of sitting on my backside indoors, moping and feeling sorry for myself, it was time to use the time wisely, which I did.

Then I had a meal at the restaurant about 200 yards away. Very nice too. But it’s a day that hasn’t risen above the average. Perhaps it’s a lesson in trying to use time wisely when I’m not at my best. Tomorrow will be different. There’s a lot going on, and it won’t be mediocre, I can promise you that.

See ya 

Allen Brooks xx