El Scorchio….!!

It’s been extremely, some might say, dangerously hot in parts of Southern Europe, with temperatures topping out at 100 Fahrenheit or more. Unbearable heat.

Some of that is wafting it’s way to the UK. The weekend could see temperatures in the 90s. The trouble is, it’s coinciding with the hay fever season and the rise in pollution. I’m not complaining mind you. After being totally windswept and soaked by a ghastly Tuesday last week, this is all very welcome.  Could be beach and factor 30 time again. Now where is a lovely lady to rub sun tan cream on my back? Nowhere to be seen…story of my life!

Enjoy it!

Allen Brooks xx


Showing strong and stable leadership….

Now where have we heard that before? Can’t quite place who has just recently uttered those immortal words….the name escapes me.

Morning. Well I do have to show strong and stable leadership this morning…but only in the interests of the Peer Support group that I’m supposed to be facilitating. Can Allen Brooks manage it? We’ll see…..but one thing is for certain, I won’t be sounding like an android. 

How do I feel today? Ok, nothing special really. It is another fab day weather wise as that bright orange orb does it’s work and tries to make people happy. Got a touch of hay fever though. Like most others, my eyes are streaming, my nose is running and the amount of sneezing has increased. The joys of living in a polluted city….summer can be joyous, but it can bring it’s down side. 

We’ll see what happens at the group today. Not overly enthusiastic, but once it starts I should be ok. It’s not been the best of weeks, I’m a little bit all over the show. Strong and stable? More like weak and wobbly. And that’s the closest I’ll get to an alliterative phrase at this time of the day.

Catch you later…

Allen Brooks xx