My Dad is bigger than your Dad…

Or I’ll get my brother onto you. If it weren’t a situation with far reaching repercussions, we all would be laughing at the nonsense being spouted by Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-Un. It’s like two children in a playground, squabbling over a football or a bag of sweets. Except that children don’t have powerful weapons of mass destruction at their disposal.

To be honest, it’s becoming a little bit tiresome and extremely boring to listen to two grown men acting like this. My considered opinion is that the insults will continue unabated, because neither man is game enough to translate words into actions. The consequences of making the first, and wrong move in this high stakes game of chess is something we are all watching closely. But the noises off are simply pathetic and do neither man, or country, any credit at all. 

But of course, these are men that are supposed to be leading us. Leading us into…goodness knows where. Watch this space. 

Allen Brooks xx


World News….

During the two week break, there’s been lots going on in the world. Those two narcissists, Donald J. Trump and K.J. Un, have been antagonising one another over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing. Thankfully, nothing has happened yet. Let’s hope that continues to be the case and the madness and futility of war is not approached. 

Also, the weather is in the headlines, in the USA and the Caribbean. Hurricane Harvey hit the southern states of the US the other week and now Hurricane Irma has totally ravaged some, if not all, the islands in the Caribbean with terrible scenes of destruction. If anyone takes the power of Mother Nature lightly, just look at the news. Florida is in the path of Irma this weekend and we wait and we wonder what will happen next. 

If that is only the hors d’oeuvre, then Hurricane Jose is gearing up in the Gulf of Mexico. All I can say is that any moans and groans I have about the weather in the U.K., pales into insignificance compared to what the folks are going through several thousand miles away. 

Wherever you are, stay safe

Allen Brooks xx

Narcissistic Personality Disorder…

Narcissism. Named after Narcissus, the God who saw his reflection in water and revelled in the afterglow of the image. Otherwise known as people who love themselves and are faithful to themselves each and every day, by the attention they receive in the public eye. 

Look at the two figures above and tell me whether they are narcissistic? I know what I think. 

Allen Brooks xx