Warehouse woes….

2010 again. I found myself a job in a warehouse, helping to prepare shopping orders to go out to the general public. It was a job that I actually quite enjoyed for a while, the staff were very friendly and I was able to concentrate on something pleasant for a change.

Then, as so often happens, it all started to go wrong. My car had stopped working altogether one night, leaving me without a decent mode of transport. So I had to get three trains and a taxi cab to the warehouse from my home, costing me a fair amount of money each time.

Also, I was in deep debt, left over from the failed marriage. Money was coming in, but with the debts totalling up to a £1,000, I couldn’t pay off the debts and keep myself going properly. I was disappearing down a black hole once again.

One night, I was busying myself in the warehouse. A song was being played over the radio, I can’t remember which one, but it brought the emotions to the surface. I carried on, and I don’t know how I didn’t break down in front of everyone. Call it devotion to duty I suppose. But it was a near thing.

In the end, I had to leave the job. I started to go downhill again and I couldn’t give the company the commitment they demanded. Though they were sympathetic, I had no choice but to depart. I felt I was working 40 odd hours a week but with no end product, tangible money in my account. I was living a lie. The debts needed to be paid off. It was a horrible time.

The result? I did pay off the debts, eventually, but I haven’t had a full time job since. I doubt whether I could hold down a steady job now, especially with all the ups and downs of my autism. One day, though, it might all change. But for the moment, full time work is out of the question.

Wasn’t 2010 a great year? Not!

Allen Brooks xx


The hard sell…

Nothing is straightforward these days. For example, today I had to pop to the bank to put some money in. A reasonable and quite easy thing to do. Well, it used to be.

Now, while being served, you get the advertising spiel. “Are you interested in these range of products, Mr. Brooks?”, “Have you tried Internet banking?”, etc etc. I thought depositing money or withdrawing it was a simple task. Well now, the company needs to give you the hard sell. 

I just replied that I had Internet banking and wasn’t interested in their products, like home insurance, for example. I just want to go into a bank and deposit or withdraw money without thinking that I’m in the middle of a TV advert. If I want a product from them, I will ask, not be another number on a list of targets.

Sorry, but had to get that off my chest! 

Allen Brooks