What’s been going on?

Hello. Yesterday was Peer Support day. There were eight of us and it was extremely enjoyable, as always.

Then it was off to music bingo, where my ears took a real hammering. The punters poured in from far and wide and the host got rid of the tickets in very little time, illustrating the pulling power of the event.

Though me or my friend and colleague didn’t win, it was difficult hearing the songs at times because of the raucous cacophony of the audience and by the end, my ear drums were crying enough. It was also a warm evening and the atmosphere inside the pub was extremely close and muggy. Not the most comfortable of evenings, but enjoyable all the same. 

I collapsed into bed, but awoke at 3 in the morning to my legs itching like mad. I must have spent ages virtually scratching them to pieces. What caused this I’m not too sure, but again, the tablets could be the culprit. I managed to get off to sleep, and the sound of one of our work friends and colleagues walking through the door awoke me about 9. Those bacon rolls and cup of tea are too good to resist!

This afternoon, I ran a bath, but I decided to catch up on the sleep I missed out on last night. Tummy troubles? Some slight ones this afternoon, but I think my digestive system is getting used to the increase in medication. I have slept rather well though. 

Well, that’s it. See you later.

Allen Brooks xx

Sleeping for England…

I think if sleeping was an Olympic sport, I’d have a chance of winning. Either too much sleeping or a lack of sleep, it wouldn’t matter.

I actually fell asleep yesterday afternoon, which is quite rare for me these days. I mean, having awoke at a late hour, there’s no need to sleep in the afternoon! But I did yesterday. I had my dinner and then I felt even more tired yesterday evening. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I was supposed to volunteer at the cafe this morning, but at 7:30 am, I was more akin to serving my fellow zombies. I decided I wasn’t going anywhere, and messaged my colleague to that effect. Back to bed, for more, you guessed it, sleep.

Must be the medication that’s sending me into oblivion. And the day today hasn’t filled me with great joy. It’s winter time in August. It’s a thoroughly depressing day, cold, wet and windy and not doing anything for my enthusiasm. So it’s all positive news! 

Some people say that if you sleep a lot, your body probably needs it. I think over the last 24 hours, I’ve managed to help my body recover! The rest of the week should be ok…I hope.

So that’s the latest update from my sleepy world, medication induced. All good fun.

Allen Brooks xx

Switchback ride…

Afternoon. Yesterday was a nothing sort of day. After the excesses of Thursday night, I think it was a day of nothing. Mind was a bit drained.

Then a bit of a funny night’s sleep, funny in the strange sense. I woke up around 3 in the morning in a muck sweat. It wasn’t a warm or humid sort of night, but the sweat was coming off me fairly readily. Again, this could be a result of the medication. This hasn’t happened for a while, so all the fingers are pointed at the tablets. I got the electric fan and cooled down, eventually going to sleep. 

Today, yet another late lie in. One of my cricket mates rang to have a quick chat, it was good to catch up. He was making me jealous by telling me he’d popped off to Spain for a few days. Can’t say I blame him for escaping the dreary and miserable English weather.

So, as usual with me, it’s a switchback ride. Up, down, around and around. Feel ok one day, not so the next, then back to ok after that. I’m hoping things settle down again soon. I want to be back to how I was from January to March, and then April to June. I do have these blips, of indeterminate length. I’m hoping that I can return to normal soon.

Allen Brooks xx

No quality of sleep….

Afternoon. Didn’t sleep that well last night. My alarm went off at 7.30 and I….immediately decided to go back to sleep. It was the Peer Support group today and I just didn’t have the wherewithal or zest to get up at that hour and make my way there.

Why did I turn over and go back to sleep? Because I didn’t feel as though the five or six hours I had were of good quality, thus I needed some more. And besides, the group can do without me for one week. I’m not indispensable. Wasn’t due to be running the group anyway so the decision to hide under the duvet was a no brainer. 

I’m out now though, had some lunch and then off to the gym in a while. At the moment, I seem to be functioning from around lunchtime onwards. It’ll take my mind and body a while to perform a factory setting back to getting up early. At least I’m trying to get fit, that’s something.


Allen Brooks xx

Cafe au Late….

Just a little play on words there. Good afternoon. And though it’s late in the day, I’m sleeping a lot longer, and today, the quality of sleep has been so good that I feel ok. Ready to go in fact. 

Off to the gym fairly soon, after I’ve had some lunch. It’s a nice day out, and the fuzziness I had over the weekend has gone, for now. Clear head rules the day. Quite happy so far.


Allen Brooks xx

Night time post…

Hello. Well that’s been a good day. No feelings of anxiety or low mood. I’ve felt positive and in a good mood. Looking forward to the future, immediate and medium term. No feelings of doom. I’m pleased. The last six weeks haven’t been all that good, despite the odd good day here and there. 

Looking forward to my sleep and to another good day tomorrow.

Night all

Allen Brooks xx

Late on Parade…but a better sleep

My sleep isn’t the best these days. I can have the odd day, like last Friday, where I can sleep really well, other days aren’t so good.

It’s day one of being upped to 45mg of Mirtazapine. Obviously they won’t work straight away, they will take two to three weeks to get into my system. The dosage has been increased so I hope to feel better and also sleep better. 

Very late on parade today, but I woke up and felt a lot better. Good sleep and I don’t feel as mentally unwell as previous days/weeks. Could be a temporary thing, but I’ll take feeling good for one day at a time, and hope to build on that. Don’t feel as physically drained either. Feeling ok mentally can have an impact on physical health. Again, I’ll take that, albeit temporarily.

A brief respite? We’ll see. 

Allen Brooks xx